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  • This is what I have so far and really just wanted to get it posted already. It’s far from finished, but at least I’m starting to draw some connections. I feel like some may be a little weak depending on how well I […]

    • Hey! I really like how well organized your thoughts are. I really should join the you and Cahani and start writing mine as a google doc. I think you have a lot of good, strong ideas. I think you lay a lot of groundwork for the secondary material that you now have to find. I wouldn’t worry about filling the boxes. Quality over quantity, y’know? Like, it’s better to find really good sources than to make sure you have something to say for each text in ALL 3 topics. Maybe Focus on having 1-2 boxes filled as well as the flex box. I think now you just need to work on pulling up some research and you’ll be good! Good luck!

    • That’s good to know, I’m just worried about having to use a multitude of texts… The whole 9 text thing worries me to no end. While the graph is super useful, I also like the color coding thing you’ve done. Colors are pretty fun and it also lends way to you color coding your postits and such so that you can visually see the links between the books and passages day of. (are we allowed to do that? lol) Anyhow, thanks, I feel slightly better and feel like I know which direction to go in now.

  • In many a high school math class, a student raises his hand and asks, “Why do we need to know this?”

    Sometimes the teacher responds, “Because math teaches you how to think.”

    Leaving the strengths and  […]

  • For anyone with a product idea who wants to develop it further and get credit for it, please check out Douglas Rushkoff’s class next Fall. See the information below:
    Tech Development Lab
    MDST 381  – un […]

  • SMARTPITCH is a pitch competition for students in marketing, business, design and computer science. SMARTPITCH is an opportunity to work as a part of a multi-functional team of four to ideate, run a team, […]

  • Surbanization is the growth of the suburban area, including the creation of transportation tools by building the roads for people traveling to the city for working and back home. The Surbanization increases the […]

  • The first Great Migration, African American moving from the South to North, is on 1910-1940 and the second one is on 1940-1970. The Great Migration is one of the biggest movement in the US history. There are many […]

  • I tried to list them in the order of the safest first because we discussed most of them in class, moving down to the ones I like more, but still need some work. The ones with asterisks are the ones that I […]

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  • While reading the article Television In The Family Circle I found many things shocking but also agreed with a lot of the content. I found it most ironic and shocking when I read about how television was a way of […]

    • Yeah, I think its funny how TV went from unifying the family to splitting them apart. I’m willing to bet this is because now, instead of every household having one central TV that everyone watched, there is literally a TV in every room. That, and things like netflix means that not everyone has to rush and gather around to watch a show as it airs, they can catch it on their own time.

      I actually don’t watch broadcast TV anymore, and I can’t remember the last time that I have. I do that mostly because of convenience, but it’s nice to not have to deal with commercials and have the ability to stop and start it as I please. Internet is replacing TV in my mind, not in terms of uniting the family, but in terms of influence. Everyone is so connected to the various social media and things have become so easy to share, that people basically end up doing the work for advertisers. You could tell the power is there when companies began disguise their advertisements as social media posts.

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  • The adaptation of Emma into a more modern version as depicted in Clueless was by far the most interesting. When the film started you already could see the obvious similarities between Emma and this adaptation. The […]

    • It’s at least mildly interesting that when Clueless came out, the major movie reviewers in newspapers and magazines were entirely clueless that it was an updated version of Emma. They reviewed it as a teen dating movie. (The film’s credits do not reference Jane Austen.) It wasn’t until the Gwyneth Paltrow film came out the following year that reviewers twigged to the ultimate source of the Heckerling screenplay.

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  • ‘Agency’ essentially refers to one’s own free will, in their capacity to act independently, and to make their own choices. It is, sadly, not uncommon to read of female literary characters who portray a lack of ag […]

    • In a sense, Heckerling makes achieving female agency easy by setting Clueless in a wealthy part of Beverley Hills, and not getting into the problems that the terrified maid, Lucy, has with agency. Cher’s choice to make her own decisions about her body also coincide with an era when contraception is easy to find and effective and when abortions are legal and safe. (In fact Austen’s Emma had no tough decisions to make in the way that Eliot’s Hetty Sorrel and Hardy’s Tess Durbeyfield did.) And it’s also true that Cher is in many ways smarter and better natured than the two “serious” semi-adults we see, Josh’s girlfriend and the junior lawyer working for her father Mel.

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