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  • Back in February I had taken a stroll through Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. I’d written about the differences in culture I had seen in just a few block. I included how at one side of the neighborhood there was a […]

  • Prison Bound: an image by Thomas Hawk

    For my blog post I am writing about an article written by Yosha Gunasekera titled What does a Trump presidency mean for criminal justice reform? Yosha begins with […]

    • I really agree with what you said about Trump wanting to create jobs for Americans but excluding former inmates. The negative perception of prisoners is also something to consider in explaining why they aren’t getting jobs and opportunities when they are released. As mentioned in the Washington Post article, referring the the Central Park Five case, Trump “spent a reported $85,000 placing full-page ads in all four major New York daily newspapers”. With this type of image being spread to the public, it “convinces” them that all criminals are like this in terms of race and danger to the community. Trump is only trying to keep this image going to make the public turn against minorities and prisoners to make sure they never get a fair chance at life. I agree that reform in the criminal justice system is not likely during Trump’s presidency because of his views on issues like the Central Park Five.

    • Maybe the criminal justice system would be more fair if it was more public than private. Like we had seen many prisons are becoming owned by corporations or private investors, and when we acknowledge this, we can understand why people especially black and latino individuals are being incarcerated at such alarming rates, and why they are being kept in it for a life time. Therefore if the criminal justice system is being influenced and run by corporations, soon it will be completely privatized, at the point fairness does not matter but only profit and investments grows.

    • There could potentially be new drug laws to be created. Which means it could increase the amount of people going to prison. But, there’s also a chance of people’s sentences to be increased, instead of decreasing. There is a chance it could be the other way around. Only time will tell what President Trump plans to do.

    • I agree with your point that Mr. Trump has a deep radical view on some groups of people such as immigration. He may think they are very easy to getting touch with the criminal. So the prison eventually becomes the place where they ended up. I also like the point that the government should educate them instead of trapping them in the prison forever and take away their rights as human being. I believe the prison should be a place for people to think about their actions for a short run but not a place for them to think life in prison is better. Last, I hope Mr. Trump is creating jobs for those low skill workers or new immigrants a lot more than another group who already has stable lifestyle. because they are the one who truly needs the help from the government.

  • Your post has a lot of great points that I agree with. The line “If we protect our nation from a military standpoint but can’t even feel safe in our home, are we really protecting our citizens?” really stands out. I feel like that is the feeling that a majority of people are feeling in our country right now. As Trump focuses more on building our m…[Read more]

  • The practice in economics where policies are made to decrease government spending and/or increase taxes to attempt to lessen government budget deficit. During the fiscal crisis in New York City austerity was […]


    A technique used by realtors to have home owners sell their house at cheap prices by instilling fear of a different race or class moving in to the neighborhood, and making money off the homes and […]

  • A huge movement against the Arab autocracy and dictatorships began on December 17th 2010 in Tunisia when a man, Mohamed Bouazizi, had set himself on fire as means of protest because was constantly tormented by […]

  • Economic inequality is no stranger to our country, especially in the field of jobs. There are many ways in which we see inequality in the job force the most common one however may be in race, however this is not the only form of inequality.
    Often times we see that the levels of unemployment in minority groups are higher than those of white…[Read more]

  • Living in a place like New York city allows you to witness so many different things. Just by walking around for one hour you can see so many different cultures, people, ways of life, and diversity. One major […]

  • In their first chapter Goldsmith and Blakeley mention three ways in which society can better understand the reasons behind poverty and how we can work in better ways to improve it. In the article, they wrote of a growing separation between the poor and affluent, to me this was the most interesting and biggest reason for the increase in poverty. In…[Read more]

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