• The film, The Public Enemy, directed by William Wellman (Warner Bros., 1931), portrays a scene in which Tom (James Cagney) argues with his brother Mike (Donald Cook) before he leaves for the war.  This scene depicts the simplicity of camera angles and shots during the time period, but also shows the importance of character direction […]

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    This was one of my favorite, older films that I have seen. I agree with you in that it was fast-paced but the action and plotlines and character development were superb. By the end of the film you felt like you knew so many characters and even the ways in which they treat specific people […]

  • I think for its time, this would have been considered a horror film, due to the fact that so few had ever been created. Lang’s character in the film has a scary aura about him that creates fear in the viewers each time we come into contact with him. If this film was to be […]

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    I felt the same way about this film. I have seen a couple of noir films now and honestly have not enjoyed any of them. In my opinion, the worst part about these films how seductive they seem to be at the beginning. Often times, they seem so interesting and the characters captivating, however as […]

  • Umberto D was a captivating, artistic film, which was surprisingly enjoyable.  I am generally a fan of Italian Neo-Realist films, as I studied it for a semester, however my expectations were fairly low for this film because the plotline seemed tedious.  So many different aspects of this film were superb; the acting, set design, the […]

  • I completely agree. In my opinion, nowadays, with the extreme costs it takes to make a film, it is tough to realize the true talent of a director. There are only a few, such as Cameron, Scorsese, Chris Nolan, etc. that we are really able to see there true artistic talents. Many struggle to even […]

  • Citizen Kane was not as good as I expected, however, I kind of saw that coming.  How can you live up to the expectations of being the greatest film of all time, especially to someone who has seen thousands.  To say it wasn’t good would be an offense to filmmakers everywhere so, off a first […]

  • I agree with what your saying EKESTLER but a think a lot of it was relative to his upbringing. He was always second fiddle to his brother who seemed to be the perfect son. Tom was the cast away and I think a lot of the reason he chose the criminal path is because it […]

  • Hi Everyone, My name is Adam Bethon, I am a senior and a major film buff.  A little about me so you can see the perspective I will give on films throughout this semester.  I am studying film and media as majors with a minor in business and upon graduation plan to become a talent […]