Ashley Bruno

  • The goal of the rape crisis movement was to bring attention to the issue of rape and the freedoms of women. The movement stemmed from the Women’s Rights Movement, which looked to gain equal rights and freedoms for […]

  • After reading the articles for this week I came to the realization that economic inequality is driven by discrimination of race and gender. A common factor of economic inequality expressed in many of the articles is race and gender when it comes to the distribution of wealth, types of jobs typically held according to race or gender, and skills…[Read more]

  • While walking around Hillside Ave in Jamaica from Susan B. Anthony middle school towards Parsons I noticed that it was dominated by small businesses like deli’s and laundromats that are accessible and convenient f […]

  • Goldsmith and Blakely describe three perspectives on why poverty exists. The first perspective puts the blame on the stereotypical behaviors and attitudes placed on poor people that limits their ability to climb above the poverty line because of preexisting notions of their abilities, knowledge, and experience. These stereotypes affect the self…[Read more]