• There was a time when education was a privilege. Back then everybody did not have access to education and the ones that did took full advantage of it. Education gave people hope of having a better future. It gave people a title and prestige. But today in America everyone is entitled to an education until […]

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    I totally agree with professor Hala that “anti women practices should not be assumed essential or unique to Islam. I actually didn’t know much about FGM until I did a research paper on that topic for my sociology of sex class last semester and I think I should share this knowledge. Many people associate FGM […]

  • It’s really sad that protestors were shot and killed no matter what country. As citizens, one of the actions we can take to voice our opinion against government rules and regulation is through protesting. In a democratic society we have the power to vote for government officials and once they are in power that’s it. […]

  • As a Muslim women reading the article “Obedience versus Autonomy: Women in Fundamentalism in Iran and Pakistan” the first section of the article made me sad learning about the many misconceptions of women in Islam. It disappointed me rediscover that this view is held by many people. I feel that the authors view is negatively […]

  • I think it’s really sad that tuition is increasing in both Britain and America and that many students have to put their education on hold due to these changes. Education is very vital in a very hard time like this. Already so many students have taken out grants and loans to pay for their education […]

  •               Media such as television, radio, and internet has always been a threat to national sovereignty due to the possibility of uncontrolled free flow of information across national borders. In “Media and Sovereignty: The Global Information Revolution and Its Challenge to State Power,” Price states “it is asserted almost everywhere that national borders are […]

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    Being a Muslim I’d like to add that applying Henna on joyous occasions such as Marriages is not a religious practice but rather a cultural practice performed by many Southeast Asian countries and other countries around the world. In Islam it is not a mandated but it is a custom that has been practiced for […]

  • The video “Inside WikiLeaks” informs us about the purpose of  WikiLeaks and the goal of Julian Assange. WikiLeaks exposes viewers to events, stories and videos that government tries to conceal. WikiLeaks posted up a video of American soldiers shooting Baghdad civilians which the Washington Post refused to publish. The purpose of news is to inform […]

  • In the article “Nannies, Maids and Sex Workers in the New Economy,” Ehrenreich and Hochschild explain the globalization of woman’s work and the interdependency of women from First world and woman from Third World. The authors inform us that through the process of globalization there are millions of women who migrate from third world countries […]

  • This blog is very interesting. Although there are many positive aspect of globalization, Mittleman’s article informs us about some of the negative aspects of globalization such as organized crimes. Distributing drugs globally and smuggling immigrants is a serious issue and can have devastating harmful effects to society in the future. An advanced…[Read more]

  • I agree with Josh Jacobson that switching from poppy plants to crops its not as easy as it sounds and if they were heavily penalized than maybe they would consider switching over to crops. Those who are growing and distributing these drugs can care less about the effects that it is having on people and […]

  • In “The Decline of Authority of States” Susan Strange argues that political authority and government power is declining. Citizens no longer believe in government as they once did. Political authority exists today because it was once needed to provide security and public goods such as water, transportation, communication and maintaining social order. But today much […]