• The water crisis that is on-going in Flint supports the idea that voting could have a big impact in your life. Voting allows those that represent you to see what your interests are and what is important to you and […]

    • It’s insane to think that people who are working U.S. citizens have not had clean water in 2 years. I agree with your point in that this seems like class issue and not a case of racsism. But you can’t help but wonder what the response to an issue like this would be if it was happenening in area filled with rich white people.

    • I’ve been seeing these videos that a little girl (Ms. Flint I think?) has been posting about the Flint water crisis and I think it is very sad that a little girl has to be going around spreading this information instead of us already knowing about it and doing what we can to help. I too somewhat agree with what you’re saying about how it seems more like a class thing, but some part of me thinks that maybe it does have to do something with it. How many Blacks are living in that area? If it is the majority, then how many have had their rights taken away and are unable to vote? You mentioned the importance of voting to get their voices heard but what if they’re not given the right anymore? Then it becomes difficult to voice our opinions and stand for what we believe in. But going back to the Flint water crisis which has been happening far too long, it really makes you wonder what else we are letting slip by and being blind to.

    • I agree with your idea that voting allows those that represent you to see what your interests are and what is important to you and the people in your area. There are so many Asian especially Chinese living in Flushing, Queens. Most of them do not have the voting right and the power to express their voices through the presidency voting. When it is the year to vote for the new president and the congress men or women, the Asian union will encourage the Asian voting and expressing our Asian voices to the stage. The candidates would work for the community and represent the community after winning the voting. The political voice in the local community will be heard by the higher level of government.

  • There is a consensus among those opposing immigrants coming in whether they are illegal or legal, that the United States should take care of their citizens first and that the government should operate to help the […]

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