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    I like the quote that Nick mentioned above. In addition, I think another quote that keys in on a lot of what we’ve been talking about in class is, ‘The poem, viewed in terms of its multiple performances, or mutual intertranslatability, has a fundamentally plural existence.’ Throughout everyone’s performances, I think we’ve all seen how […]

  • In response to the question about speaking your mind, I thought about a conversation session I had with two friends over the weekend that might be relevant? Sometimes, we get into debates about various issues, and I’m always cognizant of how pitiful I am in these ‘argument’ situations. In these situations, I’m so slow and […]

  • To start off, I relate with Sean on taking note of Holman’s discussion of that time period. I can’t really tell what his tone is in the 3rd to last paragraph; I’m not even sure exactly what he’s trying to say in that paragraph – but I was laughing at the quote about MTV: ‘Content […]

  • In the ‘Non-Theatrical Performance’ article, Kaprow says that ‘not even intentional watchers could have experienced this drama or references without literally opening and closing a car truck 750 times. . .’ This just made me think about the ‘performance’ of ‘knowing’ something. We ‘perform’ such confident ‘acts’ of knowledge, persuasion,…[Read more]

  • I agree with Sarah about having a hard time getting through the readings for this week. I always find that I can’t really fully understand what these theorists are saying and can’t really relate to why they find semantics so interesting. I think a lot of what I’m feeling comes from not understanding the stuff […]

  • I just had some comments about ‘high/low’ culture stemming from the Smethurst article. He talks about various European immigrants associating with their peasant culture in opposition to a ‘high imperial culture’ and also talks about how various African American composers did something similar later on (59-60). In hip hop music today, we might a…[Read more]

  • Can I see you at 8:15 on 10/28? Thank you.

  • In trying to understand the readings/listenings from this week, I just had a bunch of questions while reflecting on them; they may or may not be related to each other. . . I didn’t really understand everything but I’ll take a stab at some questions. . . I’m not sure if it is helpful, but […]

  • Reflecting on the comment above, I was asking myself, ‘Why does the “revisionary process” of putting ideas into writing have to be so painful?’ Just speaking for myself, it is one of the most painful things for me to write a paper — it’s such a long and arduous process. For me, I think one […]

  • I thought the reading from Phaedrus was the most interesting out of all of the readings for this week; the other ones were harder to grasp, and this reading was the one that sparked the most interest and emotion out of me while I was reading it. There seems to be this theme of trueness […]