• I really enjoyed reading post #1. When writing an essay or paper, it is important to not summarize the story too much. The idea of writing, especially for this class, is to make connections and in our case, these connections must be between the story and the chapter from Tuan. The blogger made excellent and […]

  • I love both posts because they both address a different idea of Tuan. The first post addresses how Tuan describes the child and parent. The author of this blog explains how things always go back to the home. He/She always explains how and why Lieutenant Cross is linked back to home, through Martha, and this […]

  • Post #2: I love how the blogger used Tuan’s theories of private and public life. I would have never thought to use that in comparison with what happened in this story. After reading that paragraph, I agree with the blogger and understand the connection they were trying to make. I believe that the instance that […]

  • My group was the group that was assigned to Mr. Summers. After re-reading the story, my opinion of the symbolism that Mr. Summers represents has changed. I believe that because he is the on who controls the lottery, he represents good. HOWEVER, the lottery also means that there will be someone who is stoned, which […]

  • I love the introduction paragraph to the first essay because I feel that mythical space and place was explained well. Upon my first reading of this chapter of Tuan’s book, I was very confused to what he had meant. By reading this blogger’s explanation, I now understand it more than before. Their thought “It shows […]

  • I agree with the posts above, relating to the blog on “Cathedral”. Although the blind are handicapped, they are very much aware of their surroundings through their other senses, such as hearing, touch, and smell. When I read this story, I focused on the blind man and how he was able to navigate through the […]

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