• A theme that is apparent throughout the poems in “Thomas and Beulah” is opposites. Dove, through the use of word choice, establishes a certain aura at the beginning of a poem and then alters that aura. In my opinion, this concept of opposites speaks to the composition of Dove’s novel as a whole, as hers […]

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    My all time favorite literary technique is word choice, also known as diction. An author can set a tone in his or her work just by selecting certain words to utilize and it can help to buttress the point that he or she is trying to get across. The usage of word choice as a […]

  • Critical Race Theory  investigates the intersections of race, power, and the law in the United States. These theorists seek to point out how laws are biased, similar to the way in which storytelling is biased by nature; there is no way no tell a story without adding in your own personal intonations. At one point […]

  • I think that Edwinge Danticat’s memoir was probably the most enjoyable memoir I’ve read ( maybe because it was the only one 🙂 ). Her struggle between identifying with her father and her uncle speaks to anyone who has been raised by someone other than their biological mother or father. When Edwinge’s uncle comes to […]

  • I am really enjoying reading “Brother I’m Dying.” I find the narrative voice to be very strong while simultaneously narrating the story in a matter-of-fact tone. What immediately struck me was how Danticat felt it hard to deal with finding out about her pregnancy while also having to adjust to the fact that her father […]

  • I felt that In the Time of Butterflies was a much lighter read than Oscar Wao. T he language was less harsh, and the tone was more literary in my opinion. I also enjoyed how, similar to Oscar Wao , each sister was given her own chapter so that the reader was able to be privy to varying character’s and […]

  •   After reading part two, I felt myself getting progressively more annoyed with Oscar as he continued to relentlessly put himself into harms way. Maybe he did it to prove the fuku wrong- to say “fuck you” back to the curse instead of it saying it back to him. But whatever his reasons were, he […]

  • I really enjoyed reading the first part of “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.” I love novels that switch between narrative voices, as it keeps the reader involved and entertained, and I found myself eagerly awaiting which character would be the focal point of each succeeding chapter. After the first chapter, I was hesitant […]