• i like how in detail you went with each shot that you even mentioned the duration of the takes it shows that you really took the time out to observe and record every technical detail. i also hadnt noticed the use of medium shots until you mentioned it.

  • ThumbnailI chose the scene from The Lady Eve where Jean is talking to Sir Alfred McGlennan Keith about why Pike didn’t recognize her after showing up to the party as “Eve”. First shot: long take. Sir Alfred MacGlennan Keith is eating. Diagetic sound: can hear birds calling. Sheer curtains on windows. Dark wood all around room. Jean […]

  • It’s very hard to focus on such few shots because it goes fast as were playing the entire movie. I think a detailed observation and analysis requires us to sit down and press pause and replay as many times as we need to. I tried finding clips on youtube but theyre not really the clips I […]

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    Thumbnail  Maybe it was the  freezing room (lets be sure to pack the hoodies next time), the tiny desks, my general discomfort, or whatever it was but that first half of this movie dragged on and on! But I think I figured out why. Correct me if I’m wrong. I had no one to attach myself to! […]

  • So this class requires a blog, a BLOG! Anyone who knows me  can see how badly this was meant to turn out for me. I’ve always managed to keep a stack of diaries and journals with a maximum of 3 entries somehow spaced out within hey, 2 months, 8 months, 2 years? yeah, this’ll go […]