• In terms of the carbon tax I do agree that its a great idea that the state of Washington is considering passing the carbon tax if it does happen to get voted for; however, this idea of the introduction of carbon tax shouldn’t only be voted in one state it should be a federal law that should be voted and passed for all the states.

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  • In my opinion, this is a great initiative due to the fact that the younger generation are getting the opportunity to find a way out and by being mentored by a group of wise and caring groups of people to help direct them towards a correct path of their lives.

    Young teenagers at times all make some type of mistake in their lives but the level of…[Read more]

  • Some internships are paid others aren’t, but regardless I believe some internship workers will have an opportunity to learn their field that other students may not have the chance to do so therefore, we have all to have to sacrifice at one point of our lives by giving up our time to do internship in order to learn from the highly experienced p…[Read more]

  • Please find a TED youtube video link below,

    The term non-profit organization Allocates Discretionary Funding, with Significant Increase for many purposes and oportunities without knowing the term non-profit means so much to us all without being aware as non-profit organization has such a big impact on the society we are living in today. Non…[Read more]