• How dare you copy me? You have no honor! Die!

  • ThumbnailThis picture is from a blog I found after a google search. I remember reading about Capa, and how he wanted to be in the front lines of battle and capture the grittiest aspect of war. This picture agrees..

  • ThumbnailSo the following interview is with a friend of mine name Will M. Will M. He has a few tattoos and I felt that this would be a good opportunity to start off with an interview that resembles the types of responses we expect to get from everyday people like those getting/considering getting tattoos in parlors, or everyday […]

  • Hahaha!!…Touché, Ms. Paul…..Touché

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    Well I gotta hand it to you, it really sounds like you’re incredibly passionate about your topic. Sounds like you just can’t wait to get out there and start biting into and snapping photos of those popular little treats. That news story sounds funny, maybe eventually a company will make cupcakes like those jellybeans that […]

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    That experiment in the second article is pretty cool, and it’s curious how the female faces with dominant features were seen as less attractive. This actually does sound like what you plan on doing with your own project, except without that fancy technology they used.. The first article is neat too, I’d imagine that older […]

  • ThumbnailDevin Escobar and Amaru Ona Literature Review on Tattoos It is evident that the idea and aesthetic behind tattooing posses an air of rooted traditionalism. Take for instance, the type of tattooing style that some would call tribal or tribal tattoos. The word tribal alone sounds of a specific community, that some consider to be not […]

  • Yeah, you better stop slacking and get that Visual Exploration up! If you’re gonna use video, I’m guessing it would probably be a good idea to tape them in a way to avoid other people getting in the shots…That way you don’t have a bunch of faces you have to blur out; making your presentation […]

  • Looks like you’ve got all the bases covered, especially since the prof only said ‘very good’, so good job! I probably wouldn’t be able to come up with any helpful suggestions anyway.

  • We will most likely need to remember to ask people for permission to take pictures of their artwork like tattoo artists’ portfolios that they use as catalogs for customers. We’ll also need to ask them if they’d like to participate in our interviews about their own tattoos (on their own skin) and ask if it […]

  • You got that right, Steph!

  • ThumbnailMy first picture is a picture of a tattoo of Jesus I got from Flickr. In the tattoo he’s wearing the crown of thorns and is bleeding from his head. This is actually a popular image and it can be tough to look at for some people. But I figured this was a good picture to […]

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    Sarah– Yes! We’re thinking about investigating age groups, social status, and maybe even tattoos amongst the religious. It would indeed be interesting to see the difference in opinion between men and women. And as far as the job thing goes, we’re thinking of doing that and maybe even asking tattooed people or artists even about […]

  • 226-238 I still find it amazing that even during the toughest times, countries still found their ways to bring art to the people. Although Japan, unlike other countries at the time, was capable of maintaining their own film industry without losing money to the importing of foreign (US) films. What really interested me was that while […]

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