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    Hi Leigh:

    I am looking forward to learning more about Google Classroom at the next workshop on April 24. I recently started to use more of the features of Google Drive with my students such as Google Docs and Google forms. I teach a hybrid course and currently use Blackboard as the platform, but would like to switch to Google Classroom. I…[Read more]

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    I once tried to give feedback on lesson plans that students wrote without giving them a grade. I figured the feedback I provided was more valuable to them and would help guide them in writing better lesson plans. The students were given one week to resubmit their work for a final evaluation and a grade. The students drove me crazy…[Read more]

  • Hello Everyone!  I am Andrea Mosenson and I teach Family and Consumer Sciences Education in the FNES Department.  I teach both undergraduate and graduate courses in preparing individuals to be secondary teachers i […]

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    Hi Alex:

    Your post made me chuckle even though the reality of this is nothing to laugh at. We once had a student who “lost” almost her entire family as she gave different professors an excuse as to why she missed an exam or the deadline for an assignment. Of course, this student never actually lost any of her family members, but realized she…[Read more]

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    Hi Ray:
    I respect your opinion and thoughts regarding how you respond to student emails. I personally think it is unrealistic for students to expect their professors to respond immediately to their emails. I would never leave my computer or iPad if this was the case (okay, this is a bit dramatic, but you get my point). I also want my students…[Read more]

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    Hi Susan:
    I agree that students expect us to respond ASAP when they email us. And, of course, they always wait until the last minute to email us. Letting students know you will respond within an appropriate time frame (and not necessarily right away), is good practice for everyone.


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    I like how you involve the students to reflect on their participation in the course and then ask them to evaluate themselves. I also grade students on their participation in class with a list of criteria, but would love to see the rubric you use. Can you send me your rubric:
    Thank you,

  • We will be discussing the books we are reading here.  Click on the title of the book, read the discussion questions about the book, and respond.  Please feel free to also respond to other people’s comments about th […]

  • We will be using WordPress to blog about the book we are reading and about your experiences in observing different FACS classrooms.  I want you to get familiar with blogging as you will be keeping a journal about […]

  • Thank you for sharing the story about the card your grandfather gave you. My eyes teared up just reading your journal. He must have loved you very much to think about how he could be with you on your wedding day.

  • Lauren: I agree that life is too short to always see the glsss as half empty. Having a positive attitude can make all the difference in one’s life. At times it can be difficult to see the positive side, but one is there if you look hard enough. Stay positve!! 🙂

  • I don’t want to spoil any of your dreams or goals, but Miami is just okay. I’ve been there numerous times and it is just another place with a pretty beach (in my opinion anyway). If you’re going to dream, think much bigger! 🙂

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    The third item on your list (touring the US to follow Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) is also on my husband’s Bucket List. While it is not on my Bucket List, I would still love to do it one day. It sounds like it would be so much fun, eating your way across America.

  • I think it’s great that you already started to cross things off your Bucket list. There is no time like the present to get things accomplished! At the rate you are going, I don’t know if you’ll ever have a time to just sit back and relax. You should just cherish the moments you get […]

  • Andrew:
    It sounds like your family vacations were filled with lots of laughter and fun (I’m not so sure your mom saw it that way since it seems you were laughing at her expense!). It’s great to have such wonderful memories with our family. Dr. M.

  • Teresa: Disney is a great place to go with your children. I think I enjoyed it more with my kids because they were so excited and in awe of everything. It truly is a magical place to go! Dr. M.

  • Kristi: I also love Disney World! It is a magical place where everyone can be a kid! I’m glad to hear you didn’t hold back and acted like a silly “Disney” bride and groom. That was probably so much fun! Your honeymoon will always be one of the best vacations you ever had (I still […]

  • Susan: What a great family tradition you’ve started with your girls! It sounds like you all have a wonderful time together, while making something special for other people. I hope your girls continue the tradition with their own families one day. Dr. M

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