• Maybe, I think that NGO’s should expand on other ideas and not focus on just issues that only affect a small number of people like the article said.

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    clare, i definitely agree with your article.. it seems unfair that those women that are being nannies that come over from 3rd wolrd countires have a crappy lifestyle.. they dont get to see their children, and they also dont get recognition for their hard work.. it is a hard situation for all women involved. if […]

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    i enjoyed reading your post.. you say how globalization and “one world” go hand in hand, do you think then that globalization is going to lead to what some refer to the one world govt as the new world order/illuminati? it always interests me to read about these “conspiracies” and i was jsut wondering if […]

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    this essay was very intersting to read. you dont realize at first how fast a culture spreads and becomes so popular in other societies. it is very true that there are many carribean style restaurants in todays age, and bbq food is extremley popular among almost everyone in america, it seems almost more americanized than […]

  • I agree with the fact that driving a japanese car is seemed as “un american” yet that is the result of globalization. I have many friends that drive BMWs and many of my other friedns resent that saying they are promoting germany and those people that are antisemetic, which is far from the case. but […]

  • I agree that there is no society without culture as well… Learning about new cultures makes us more diverse and gives us a chance to grow within our own society. Even something so small as enjoying raw fish in rice (which is delicious) can make us more cultured, and a more globalized society because our […]

  • Roya, i definitley agree with you that some people get piercings for fashion statements/versus religious beliefs. I know that in the indian culture it is very popular to have nose rings, and im pretty sure it represents something religious to them as well. However piercings such as the tongue or eyebrow i am sure have […]

  • In Declining Authority of states, author Susan Strange believes that the heads of governments have lost their authority over national societies and economies that they used to have. She states that where states were once the masters of the market, iit is now the markets which are the amsters over the governments of states. She […]

  • In the article “Power Shift” the author discusses how national governments are losing autonomy and sharing powers with NGO’s. The author states that a main rise of the non state actors (NGO’s) is the computer and telecommunication revolution, and that this weakens the ties between people and their nations. He states how fax machines and […]

  • Thumbnail Voodoo meaning “tribe” is a traditional religion developed in West Africa. During the African diasapora, Africans found themselvs situated in different parts of the world, and their voodoo rituals remained with them in their present locations. The most common forms of voodoo that spread were Haitian Voodoo and Louisiana Voodoo. Both of these share the […]

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