• I agree with the statement you brought up about the answer he replied is fascinating “what is your greatest ambition…to become immortal and then die”. this statement is very intriguing, that a mere mortal would give a statement like that knowing that no one lives forever. Maybe this was his way of surviving in life […]

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    Watching Psycho in class, was also my first time. It definitely had different plots that could of worked for the film.For example:1)The cop follow her through the whole movie could of been one. Mr. Hitchcock, the genius he is played with us psychologically leading us to think the cop is going to follow her through […]

  • Carl Laemmle is the name that should be known for the rise of the Hollywood era. Uncle Carl his nickname used in the film business, his innovated efforts to rebel against big companies at that time. He started his independent film production, what is called Independent Moving Pictures (IMP). This company IMP, later called Universal […]

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    I definitely agree that the acting in this movie was very weak. Also you are right in pointing out that the role of the big brother(good brother),after coming back from war. That he should of been more assertive and agressive in standing for his beliefs and opposing is brother. Its like role was kind of […]

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