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    The concept of Kairos can change how we approach rhetoric by giving us the ability to look at things in a opportunistic perspective. This is because the meaning of Kairos is: “Putting the two meanings together, o […]

  • The article is about the Fung Brothers, David and Andrew, who are of Chinese American descent, that make YouTube videos that primarily target the Asian American and Asian community. Their videos also target […]

    • You’re right that Fung brothers are reaching out to different audiences, but this rhetoric itself is doing something, which seems to be less taken up in your post. So why is their rhetoric particularly meaningful (as the authors argue)? What does the authors’ analysis tell you about the way we understand rhetorical act? For instance, if the rhetors (aka communicators who are in a rhetorical situation) are white male college students, what changes in the way we appreciate the rhetoric is being made?

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    Nelson Flores’s “Making Millions Off of 30-Million-Word Gap” overall is about the purpose of what the 30 million word gap is supposed to serve, yet what it is actually doing. The 30 million-word gap is i […]

    • This is a great analysis on Flores’s argumentation, Andrea. But I also want to push you a bit further about his use of framing of the original argument. How is the way he argues effective to those who abide by the “scientific research” (or this frame)?

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    My literacy sponsors are my mother, father and school. My mother provided me with a variety of books growing up. The books were Dr. Seuss and Alice in Bibleland. I’ve also read Sailor Moon Mangas that my parents b […]

  • After reading Lamott’s “Shitty First Draft” and Murakami’s “The Running Novelist”, I couldn’t help but to think about my process as a writer. In relation to Lamott’s essay, I also have to write a terrible first […]

    • Your writing process seems very similar to mine, except that I went through a lot more changes in my writing process and I need a lot more motivation and preparation to draft my writing. It is still extremely difficult for me to show my writing to others like you do. I just tell myself these days doing so is part of being a good writer, which helps me tiny bit to feel better about myself!

    • I totally understand. Every single of my first drafts are atrocious. But everytime I finish a draft, I can’t help but be disappointed. So I edit, and I still am disappointed. Then I remember the “practice makes perfect” saying, and it’s super old and all that but it’s heard commonly for a reason, at least that’s what I tell myself. So more drafts means a more refined final product, and it is certain to be worth it at the end.

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    Pixelating the self as very interesting. What I found interesting is that, she was told by her parents that children should be quiet. This is a problem because it perpetuates the notion that children’s voices do n […]

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    So what is the original understanding of the essay? According to Jeff Porter, the original understanding of the essay was defined by Montaigne. To paraphrase, Montaigne writings were mostly catching the mind in […]

    • Your point about how institutionalized essays defeat the original purpose of self exploration in essay is really interesting. And it is ironic that the very adaptability was taken by the academic system and helped it to turn essay for writing with a very different and specific purpose.

    • I agree that the imposition of rules upon a form that is supposed to be a representation of the act of thinking will usually restrict the form. However, I think even Porter makes the point that sometimes rules and structure can contribute to a good essay. For example, when someone decides to write an entire essay just about what they’re thinking while doing household chores, an example Porter mentions, that theme or main idea is a rule that they’re following.

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    George Orwell’s “Why I Write” is an interesting essay that explores the reasons why Orwell has made a habit of writing. The part that stood out the most to me was when he spoke about feeling lonely as a child due […]

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