• It seems like nowadays everyone is “going to college” simply for the sake of going to college. College was once a place of higher learning, where people who actually wanted to learn went to study because they were driven to do so, but nowadays college has become just another rung on the ladder to becoming […]

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    The way I see it, religion will always be an excuse for people to explain why their way is the right way. In the societies of the past, religion was much more important than it is today, probably because of the lack of television, radio, the internet, and all of the other distractions that draw […]

  • I believe that we can be too heavily globalized, or in different sense, too quickly globalized. The individuals who are driving globalization are not doing so because its for the greater good, but in fact they are driving globalization because they are benefiting from expanding around the world. We’ve seen this for years in terms […]

  • In this day and age of globalization and lightning fast communication with people on the other side of the planet, people are still too lazy to attempt to learn about the other people who inhabit this planet. Muslims make up a large population in the world and they have a belief system that isn’t drastically […]

  • Facebook is a great creolization machine. I have one personal example of this. In my neighborhood there is a strong car culture and on the weekends a lot of us come out, sometimes hundreds of people, and have car shows where people show off what they have. The person who started these local car shows […]

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    Although it is the duty of all humans to protect each other, we can’t start wars for the sake of what we think is right for other individuals. At the very least we should first come to understand the very individuals that we are condemning. The Muslim world is not as bad for women as […]

  • Muslims are “western by culture, muslims by religion”. I think the world has failed to realize that Muslims are a religious group like any other. There will always be traditional and westernized people in every religion and Islam is no different.

  • After seeing the footage released through wikileaks its hard to support staying in Afghanistan. The amount of innocent civilians dying cannot be justified in any way, especially not by the lack of military progress being made.

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    This is an interesting find. I never thought of individuals being turned away from a religion for not being religious enough. My view on religion was that they were always willing to accept more, not that they would turn anyone away.

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    I fully agree with Tariq Ramadan (and you). If we ban the veil because we think its taking freedom away from the women who wear it, thats just as bad as forcing a woman to wear a veil in the first place. Women should have the ability to decide whether they want to wear the […]

  • “Media and Sovereignty” “Media globalization and new information technologies yield a crisis of domestic law and policy if barriers to entry are lowered for those excluded from the old political cartel, especially if the new entrants could be threats to the control of the ancient regime”, states Price in “Media and Sovereignty: The Global Information Revolution […]

  • The ABC’s of Chinese Americans While reading the article about Chinese Americans here in Flushing, New York, I was surprised to see the way that older immigrants viewed the newer wave of immigrants from Asia.  As New Yorkers, most of us have heard or witnessed several stereotypes, such as Asian immigrants who spit or seem […]

  • Nannies are very important in our culture and they even make our economic system even more efficient. Mothers who are capable of skilled jobs can return to work instead of taking care of their own children while other women (or men i guess) who aren’t capable of highly skilled jobs can fill in for the […]

  • No criminal charges have been filed against any of the individuals who took part in the crisis and yet I rarely hear this mentioned enough by anyone. Mass media has swept this issue away and as time goes by the “criminals” will eventually be forgotten. As a nation, media and politics have come together to […]

  • In “Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%”, Joseph Stiglitz writes about one of the single largest issues in American society that has been allowed to grow into another “too big to fix” situations, income and wealth inequality in America.  In previous assignments we saw both advocates and opponents for a wealthier upper […]

  • In the “Inside Story” video clip, Ghida Fakhry discusses the financial crisis in several countries around the world.  In London, the government has decided to cut public spending for citizens by a massive amount due to a large national budget deficit. This has led to protesting as the citizens do not want their government spending […]