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  • I know everyone else so far haven’t enjoyed The Road, but i thought it was a really good movie due to its simplicity. I really enjoyed the coloring they used, as it’s meant to show how run down and depressing the world has become. Typically in these types of films, theres a savior that will eventually resolve all the problems the characters are…[Read more]

  • Really enjoy the guitar work of this song and the song is so epic, that it does kinda give you the vibe of Godzilla

  • I also watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and really enjoyed the stylistic element of the film. It felt like a comic book that came to life. This seems to me that it is a modern approach to the famous German Expressionism and film noir styles.

  • Set The Controls For The Heart of the Sun reminds me so much of Greek music in the beginning, then it gets into this futuristic vibe at around the 5 minute mark. Really interesting how they don’t identify as Space Rock, since that is what I would classify these songs as.

  • This movie was a little difficult to watch due to its length and no dialogue involved. I was kinda bored from the beginning and there was nothing pulling me in to keep my attention to be honest. I do believe though that this falls under the science fiction genre due to its expressionist style, which is common in science fiction films today. Our…[Read more]

  • I believe in RHCP’s music video for “Dani California” they perform a scene as the Parliament Funkadelics, clearly showing how much influence the band had on them! I think P-Funk has more of a disco vibe than RHCP, but you can see the strong comparisons between the two.

  • The first time I ever watched MST3K was a few years back and it was the episode where they made fun of Pumaman, which was so badly done. While the characters are mocking these stories, they are also in a sense paying homage to these films. As we all know by now, science fiction films have themes of philosophy and emotion. Though these films were…[Read more]

  • I actually really enjoyed this film and previously would have never of thought that this would constitute as a science fiction film. There were so many elements that are key components of this genre throughout this film, one being the philosophy. What made this film so enjoyable that it does answer the question of how would you spend your last…[Read more]

  • I accidentally watched the documentary on Netflix that discussed the Orson Wells’ play but I have to say I feel so bad for the people who believed these events were real. Wells used the heightened fear of the public of the time to his benefit and I think he enjoyed the reaction that followed. Taking into context of that time period, civilians did…[Read more]

  • When I first watched the Hunger Games a few years back, I didn’t initially pick up on its reality television element. It does seem like a critique on our current society on how we view these people as gods and put them on a pedestal in our minds. It can also be viewed that they are making a statement on our media, by the bending of truth and…[Read more]

  • “The monster is a symbol of that which society represses and can’t deal with” This sentence perfectly describes what Godzilla is. When this movie was released, Japan was still suffering from the effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which is what Godzilla symbolizes. He can be seen as not only the atomic bombs creating destruction to civilization, b…[Read more]

  • In comparison to The Day The Earth Stood Still, Invasion of the Body Snatchers was, to me, a much more enjoyable film to watch. The fear of conformity and idea of where people become different versions of the same self was prominent in the film, further showcasing how society in the 50s must have felt. It is a clear reaction to Communism, as the…[Read more]

  • A few days ago I watched interstellar for the first time and even though Matthew McConaughey’s character doesn’t go through time travel per se, I think it was an interesting perception of what trying to affect the past looks like. I think time traveling is a possibility but it’s an idea that is way too complicated to understand.

    Nikola Tesla said…[Read more]

  • After watching 2001 and Interstellar, Star Trek: Beyond was a nice break from the intense hard science fiction films. I think its a more “playful” approach to the genre, even though is tackles serious issues.
    What I find most interesting about the Star Trek films is that there are no astronauts, as opposed to other common sci-fi films.…[Read more]

  • I had mixed feelings when watching The Day The Earth Stood Still. On one hand, the movie felt like the epitome of what an older sci-fi movie is, so i felt some sort of nostalgia even though i wasn’t born during that time. I enjoyed mostly the score of the film, as i thought it elevated the simplicity of the film.
    What I didn’t enjoy about the…[Read more]

  • What I think elevated David Bowie into a league of his own, besides his music, is how he expressed himself through clothing & makeup and the bending of gender identity. It’s interesting how he relates his music to a lot space themes, as he represented himself as something not from this world.

  • Blade Runner, as with its sequel Blade Runner 2049, can be difficult to watch on first try due to how the meaning of the film isn’t obviously explained. I’ve noticed this with many films involving robots and artificial intelligences, that they are stories that have a larger message than the negative connotations of these creations being…[Read more]

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