• I also found the racial part of “Talma Gordon” to be more of the highlight of the piece than the murder part. It is interesting how the Doctor is the one who marries Talma especially with the beginning of the piece where the Canterbury Club was discussing the issues of expansion and the effects of it such as intermarriage. The Doctor states his…[Read more]

  • I liked and agreed with the question you posed. Wilson seems more like a side character as opposed to the crux of the plot. Despite Roxy’s sacrifice to give her son a life of privilege, she is rather unappreciated and ironically loses her freedom by getting “sold down the river” by her own son. I think that Mark Twain choses to title the work as…[Read more]

  • There is definitely the pressure of social conformity that changes Yekl/Jake’s whole character. I felt sympathy for his wife Gitl as he expresses feelings of “shame” and “disgust” towards her for reminding him of his past self. The openness of American culture causes him to embrace and prefer women of more flirtatious nature, despite trying to…[Read more]

  • Hi Kirandip, I agree with your initial thoughts about not having high expectations of the novel. However, the beginning only situated the context of the entire text. We can notice that there was an intense change in the tone of the novel, like how towards the end everything was intensely escalated, something that we probably did not expect. In…[Read more]

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