• In his text “ Globalism’s Discontents,” Joseph Stiglitz demonstrates the two predominant perceptions of globalization: the belief that it generates prosperity for everyone, everywhere; and the view that it destroys native cultures and increases poverty, particularly in developing countries. Stiglitz asserts the conviction that: “it has brought huge benefits to a few with few benefits […]

  • Interesting. I address a similar issue. I see that your conclusion is that the eroding of most of the Indian culture to British or Western customs is benefiting India. I do not fully agree or disagree with it. Nonetheless, don’t you think that the gradual loss of traditional customs will ultimately cause the real Indian […]

  • Toni Yo – The Plight of the Congo (Warning: Graphic)

    Developed countries get 3 times more money in resources than they invest in foreign aid in the developing world. Who is winning? Who is losing?

  • Is Globalization taking away local languages in post colonial settings? After independence, Most developing countries that were once colonies adopted the language of the colonizers. For instance, when Mozambique gained its independence from Portugal in 1975, the official language of the new born republic was Portuguese. One may understandably wonder why a free nation that has […]