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  • Invasion of the body snatchers:   Okay I have been wanting to write about this movie since we watched it but I suppose have not found the time so since I better find the time now or not get credit IM DOING IT.  Okay basically after watching this movie the voice inside my head could […]

  • I totally agree with wanting to hug this movie for its psychological bit…or maybe get it some medication hah! I am a Psychology and a media major so its always a treat when I get to mix my knowledge of both subjects. The concepts of severe psychological disorders were barely explored at this time. So […]

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    I really enjoyed your entry. The way you discussed the camera movements you personified the camera giving it human qualities by saying things like the camera is almost raping her in the shower scene. I completely agree with you. Marion is vulnerable and the camera takes full advantage of her, completely sexualizing her.

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    I am just going to say that to be honest I feel that you have no real understanding about how women think. I am almost offended by the fact that you are comparing a strong, independent female character such as Jean (regardless of whether or not she was a con artist) to a man with […]

  • The concept of “the gaze” is one that refers to how an audience views the characters presented.  Laura Mulvey coined the term “Male Gaze” in 1977 and she believes that in film audiences tend to view characters from the perspective of a heterosexual male. The film “The Lady Eve” is somewhat strange because usually women […]

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    Thank you professor!

  • I just wanted to say that I really, really enjoyed reading this review. I really got a sense of your personality and point of view from it. Also I completely agree with you. Watching this film was terribly difficult. The hardship endured by an old man just trying to live his life was tragic. I […]

  • I just wanted to add something quickly about the theme of snakes in this movie since you mentioned in your post that Charles was a scientist. I found it so interesting how snakes were threaded throughout the entire film. I believe there was even a point when Charles states that snakes are his entire life […]

  • Okay so this post is going to cover a few themes/concepts I found interesting in this film! First I want to start with the concept of boundaries and privacy or lack thereof.  This idea of having no privacy or boundaries is expressed strongly in every scene that takes place in the apartment building.  Umberto clearly […]

  • The character Charles Kane is so very interesting.  He seems to have such good intentions even though everything must be done his way.  He has this desire to become a leader, a voice for the people and save them.  He desires to be president of the United States.  Kane is a strong character, stubborn and […]

  • Scene Analysis: From Citizen Kane (directed by Orson Welles, RKO, 1941) Analysis of the Breakfast Montage Scene: This scene consists of many fast cuts and repetitive shots but they all come together to create a certain mood. Starts with a dissolve into a straight long shot (2 shot) of Kane and his wife Emily sitting […]

  • Today, for many people the idea of space travel and exploration hardly creates a sense of wonder or excitement. Perhaps this is because we are not as exposed to the fantasy of science fiction as much today as society was from 1957 to 1962. Or perhaps this is because we have been overexposed to science […]