• Our slightly disturbing class project: “Party Massacre”
    Starring Peeps and M&Ms

  • Sometimes you may have a character that you want to animate simply and organically. Or you may have an arm or other complex set of shapes that you want to animate in unison. There are many techniques and tools in After Effects to create complex character or shape animation. Two of the easiest and most […]

  • This final assignment will be an excercise in representing factual information dynamically. Motion graphics is particularly effective at making us stop for a moment and think about something. The use of time allows us to spoon-feed information to our viewers in a way that they will truly absorb it. Effective and beautiful videos go viral […]

  • Here is some information for our upcoming Psyop Trip: We will meet at the Psyop office at 11:15am on March 16th View Larger Map The closest train stop is the Delancey station on the ‘F’ line The tour will start at 11:15am. < > The tour will end at 12:50pm so that you will have an hour to […]

  • Your next project is an exercise in Typography in motion or Kinetic Text. You will choose an audio clip from a film, speech or song that is 30 seconds to 90 seconds long and create an animated composition with the transcribed text. Here is the assignment:¬† MotionGraphics-Spring12_Proj3 Here is a YouTube playlist with some examples for […]

  • ThumbnailProject 2 is due this Friday March 2. Please export your video as a quicktime and be sure to include sound in your export. To export the video: While inside your final composition select: Composition > Add to Render Que Render Settings: Best Settings Output Module: Quicktime Video Output: Format Options > Video Codec: H.264 (Don’t […]

  • MK12: Occupy Wall Street Sound is a very important aspect of motion graphics. The use of sound enhances the action on screen and can even allude to action off screen. The choice of sound can completely alter the story or meaning of a motion graphics piece. In motion graphics there are 3 basic types of […]

  • Final Storyboard Now that you have a storyboard that works from beginning to end without any holes or unresolved sections, you should move ahead and finalize it. Make each frame of your storyboard into a final looking style frame. Your should have a final version of your storyboard printed out and ready to hand in for […]

  • Thumbnail Today you will learn about storyboards. ¬†Storyboards are a very important part of the creative and production process. In addition to motion graphics they are used for everything from live action films, to animations to keynote presentations. Storyboards are used to visualize a story or motion piece before many hours are spent producing and finalizing […]

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