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    As a Muslim woman, I’m sure you know a lot more than I about your religion. I’m also sure that living in the West is a different experience than in the Middle East or Africa. However, as long as there is forced female circumcision existing in a society, I will never believe that women have […]

  • In “Bin Laden and Other Thoroughly Modern Muslims,” Charles Kurzman writes about the myth of the Islamic world being backward and looking to return to the glory of the 7th century. On the contrary, he points out that most people in the Muslim world are modern, using advanced technology, seeking secular education, and espousing democratic […]

  • This is a very well written piece. I especially like your comparison to feudalism, though oligarchy would probably be more correct. It amazes me how good of a propaganda machine the elite possess. They actual have the rest of the people believing that taxes should remain low for the rich. That this will somehow create […]

  • I look at NGOs as a good thing. They are usually like watchdog agencies that are there to protect the people from governments that are more concerned with allowing corporations to make huge profits. While all big organizations have their flaws, most NGOs have good intentions and have protected some area that needed protection.

  • “Social Networks, Social Revolution,” Empire, Al Jazeera English, video was a six person panel of journalists and social media experts, discussing the effect of social media on the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. The main proposition of the piece was “knowledge is power.” ¬†One of the main points that was stated, was that both governments […]

  • Ever since the invention of the printing press, in the middle of the 15th century, the sovereignty of monarchs and the church have been threatened. Without the printing press Martin Luther’s doctrines and the ideas of the Enlightenment, would not have spread. Among the Enlightenment ideas were freedom of speech and the press. In order […]

  • While I agree that there is sexual discrimination in our society, especially against woman of color, there seems to be another factor. The two callers to the station both seemed to have the same problem. They were both single mothers, and as such taking care of their child or children were responsible for their lack […]

  • With the recent worldwide recession just beginning its recovery, Paul Mason, the economics editor for the BBC show, Newsnight, has come to the belief that neoliberalism is in trouble, and may be on the way out. He believes that the collapse of the banking system was caused by a lack of government regulation. The investment […]

  • In the United States the average politician is only concerned with re-election. They are supported in this desire by lobbying groups that give them financing for that purpose. Therefore, in order to prevent these lobbying groups from controlling legislation helpful to financial firms, government should be accountable to the people. The best way to…[Read more]

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    The purpose of knowing history is to learn from it. The United States tried Prohibition in 1920, and only succeeded in creating organized crime, on a large scale. Unfortunately, it is only human nature to try and profit on another’s weakness, be it drugs, gambling, or prostitution. By making these illegal, we have created world-wide […]

  • Unfortunately, as long as there is money to be made, people will break the law in order to make it. The only way to allow people to make less money on opium and hashish is to legalize them. That will bring the price down, and maybe then these people will grow other crops. Removing the […]

  • As I read Mittelman’s article about organized crime and its effects around the world, I could not help thinking that all this could have probably been prevented. Why do governments believe it is necessary for them to control the morals of their populations? In the United States, we are brought up to believe that we […]

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    Unions did great things for this country in the early to mid 20th century. unfortunately, like every big entity, they all got too greedy and too power hungry. now there is a big backlash against them. this could set the middle class back even further.