• Good! Instead of just taking random pictures of the exhibits, you could have participants “guide” your camera: what they like, what they don’t like, and get their explanations why.

  • Good start, but I hope next time around you will be able to show us more of what is actually going on in these museums and with their visitors.

  • You are missing the blog entry “Visual Exploration”. Please post asap.

  • Good! I agree with Christine, but as explainedin class: for this study, it is ok to get verbal consent. I will trust you guys with that! 😉
    See also my comments on Amaru’s post.

  • Good! How will get permission from your participants?

  • antonia commented on the blog post Feel the Rhythm 10 years ago

    Good! I am curious what your participants will respond to your questions about the second picture…

  • antonia commented on the blog post Ethical Considerations(?) 10 years ago

    Good start. I am not sure why you use “might” do much in your post, so just to be clear: you WILL have to ask peopl if they would like to participate (get verbal consent), inform them how you will use responses and pictures, and get permission to reproduce their art work ion your blogs. […]

  • antonia commented on the blog post Visual Exploration 10 years ago

    Great post, Amaru! I especially like how you combine observations and your own ideas in your writing (you just need to make sure your own reflections won’t be overpowering the lit review and your aprticipants’ ideas in the paper). Your description of the second picture made me wonder: why is it that you don’t have […]

  • VISUAL EXPLORATION Post two pictures on your blog, both relating to the topic of your final project: * one you have taken yourself * one you have found somewhere (a historical picture, a family picture, etc). Make sure that you have permission to post the pictures you have “found” and reference their source or origin properly. Here are is […]

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  • Good proposal! I agree with many of the questions penny asked, and it would be great to have a few more details on these issues. But you seem to have a good grasp on your topic already.

  • antonia commented on the blog post Proposal Idea 10 years ago

    Great topic! See my comments on Elizabeth’s post.
    Devin’s iideas are great and you might want to consider some of them.

  • antonia commented on the blog post Proposal 10 years ago

    Interesting topic and approach, and I am looking forward what you guys come up with! I agree with lnaiman that you should specify your methods some more: what are the questions you are interested in? What materials outside of your own experience will you use? Will you interview people at the weddings? (you could do […]

  • antonia commented on the blog post Final Project 10 years ago

    Interesting topic! In terms of the visual aspect of your study, I would say you could focus on finding historical pictures on the GReek world, esp. relating to the topics you are interested in (hazing etc). Also, you could do photo elicitation using these pictures wih people from the Greek community.

  • antonia commented on the blog post Final Project ideas 10 years ago

    Greta topic, Edtricia! Very detailed outline. In terms of the visual aspect of your study, maybe you could focus on getting images on the history of the two museums your found and Black Museums in general, as well as visuals from past and present exhibitions. Another idea is to interview a few visitors to the […]

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