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  • Will you be doing one on one interviews, group interviews, or open ended surveys? What other kinds of pictures will you find to use? I cant wait to see the final product. One of the hardest things during an interview is to listen to people, especially when they are talking about something as sensitive as […]

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    Mohammed, this is a great topic! and it actually correlates with my project as well! Homosexuality within the community in this day and age seems to be a debatable topic. Some are for it; Some are against; and some honestly have no opinion on it. I think researching this topic would help bring informative information […]

  • during my fieldwork time i tried running around to rest rooms to find bathrooms that looked like this but to my luck all the ones i went to were cleaned so it didnt help my arguement much. luckily you got a picture of a HUGE improvement we need around campus. but at the same time […]

  • during my fieldwork i was trying to find a bathroom that was dirty but every bathroom i had checked was cleaned so that didnt prove my case well. but im glad u found one to help your case! =]

  • This project proposal sounds quite interesting to see the difference between both the 60s & 90s of black sitcoms. Watching shows like The Jeffersons compared to Fresh Prince and then comparing those to recent sitcoms like My Wife and Kids, House of Payne, and The Game. If you look through time the 60’s start with […]

  • Looking at this picture I had absolutely no idea what it was or where it was taken. But what caught my attention was the glare of the sunlight and how it hit the lens of the camera. The window looks as if a herd of angels are about to come out of it and spread […]

  • The first thing I noticed about this picture was the baby’s (your cousin) cheeks! PRECIOUS! Working with children makes me take on a different view of the world and seeing this picture proved to me how much I learned from working with my cousin. Instead of just seeing a baby playing in a playpen I […]

  • Indian Fusion is the type of dance that collaborates modern music with the classical ways of dancing as well. This picture shows the true meaning of “fusion” because the music that was danced to was slow, indian movie songs but you guys were wearing a modern fashion of clothing. Dancing is one of my favorite […]

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