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  • Bambi meets Godzilla Written after: Manohla Dargis Bambi is casted in this surprising thriller of Bambi meets Godzilla written by Marv Newland. When we first see Bambi, with the help of his newly found legs Bambi wanders into a meadow where he begins to graze on fertile land. Surrounding Bambi are the trees and grasslands […]

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    I like the way you summed up this movie and the way you’ve characterized the scene. By using the first few minutes of the film to act as a prologue to the rest of the film was very creative and insightful. From the minute the film begins to the minute ends you are constantly thinking […]

  • The 1931 film ‘M’ shot by director Fritz Lang of Germany utilizes a suspense based thriller in order to capture a serial killer terrorizing Germany. During the time that this film was produced there were many serial killers terrorizing Germany such as Haarmann, Grossmann, Kurten, Denke to name a few. The films conveys a sense […]

  • As i wrote my essay I concentrated on the way it made me feel, how it captivated me. What I need to do is concentrate on how the piece of artwork should hold true to everyone instead of just my unique perspective. Also I now can see what you meant, I sort of missed the […]

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    In Shermans Projecting the Self, clearly we can see that he abides by Gordon Harvey’s “Elements of the Academic Essay”. As I began to first read through it I did not look for any elements, instead i tried to understand what was written. As I read I found that each paragraph seemed to flow seamlessly […]

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    As i watched this film I automatically was drawn to the Pathos approach. The film depiction and the soundtrack which had been lain were symbolic. It gave a sense of patriotism and emotionally bound you towards the hopes that the U.S navy would prevail. In other views i could also see it being Loggos since […]

  • Though I do agree with your first paragraph it is to an extent due to the last sentence. When you said “it reveals the cold hard truth about a subject or matter” I reverted back to whether a film is subjective or not. No matter how much you try to evict your style or beliefs […]

  • I also agree, the intimacy knowledge as you’ve stated is something that no actor, scene placement of script can reenact. I do disagree on the value of the film being solely for entertainment. Documentaries which recast light on a former event is essentially not real life happening but its to show a shadow of what […]

  • As I began to read this article I noticed that Grierson had a heavy undertone. His tone was to suggest in my interpretation the decline of modern art forms which are include films and writing. Throwing puff pieces towards the written media, claiming that they avoid solid consideration of any material and avoid sold material […]

  • As I was unable to attend class on Monday i decided to go through posts made. From this I’ve concluded that we’re re-imagining our filmed interviews. Instead of the simple interviews which we had begun with we’ve been entrusted to make an explosion of conflict and montage in the prospectus of Eisenhower. Many students have […]

  • i also do agree with the small signs. Without them theres no intrigue, we’re just being strung along by the director with no sense of direction. By using signs the director enables us to brainstorm future scenarios only to surprise us and take us in a totally new direction.

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    anyone not satisfied with their picks?

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    Hey everyone, if it wasn’t obvious enough my name is Brad. Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog and I’m hoping to meet some if not all of you!

  • The reading of the Romans in Films by Roland Barthes and translated by Annette Lavers was interesting to say the least. In this article Director Mankiewicz’s Julius Cesar is picked apart. Throughout this piece of writing Barthes elaborates on major aspects on the film. He goes from mens hair draped neatly on their foreheads to […]

  • Is this adaptation, why why not. I thought this movie was an adaptation. The reason its an adaptation is because it pulls features from an original film in a new light. With arnold Schwarzenegger as hamlet its a bit different. In the original hamlet a light and darkness enshrouded the main character. Its seems that […]

  • I think Eisenstein would consider this a depiction.The film was about a monkey. It started off with it sitting in the form of a guerilla and slowly but surely it evolved or so it seemed. It took on a more homo-sapien stance as it grabbed a bone and began smashing through the corpse of a […]

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