• In China, TV is heavily monitored by the government.  Children’s programming is especially monitored.  In China, children’s programming is extremely educational.  Even some Chinese citizens believe that the programming is to boring and no fun.  Just recently, The Kids Choice Awards, presented by Nickelodeon, was aired in China.  The Kids Choice Awards is an awards […]

  • UNBELIEVEABLE. If you heard Mishkin talking, you would think he was anything but a well regarded academic. This interview had guilty written all over it. He doesn’t know how much he was paid for doing the study? Who forgets making $124,000. A typo in the title? He would have been better off just coming clean. […]

  • The term “invisible people” really caught my attention in this piece. As mentioned in the interview, nannies are everywhere (especially in places such as NYC). These nannies walk the streets of NYC and remain nameless. Nannies shape and mold so many children in America. To have these women remain faceless and unnamed is a shame. […]

  • Social networking keeps many people “in the loop”. Like you mentioned, just being on these sites often provides people with some kind of political information. What scares me is how fast information is being transferred due to these social networking sites. It is great that we are all so interconnected. However since information is being […]

  • Media is adding a whole new component to society.  One cannot always rely on the news being true.  These videos on Wikileaks really scared me.  You always hear how the government is hiding things and they do corrupt things in secrecy.  However, these videos made it so real.  They were real eye openers.  Glenn Greenwald […]

  • The ideas reported in the wealth gap article were not surprising to me either. However, what was surprising was how vast the gap was between women of color and woman who are white. I have suggested that women of color face a double consciousness as WEB Dubois would have referred to it. Women of color […]

  • What I found the most interesting about this article was how the author mentioned that first world countries now depend on third world countries. I have always looked at this issue from the point of view that first world countries were employing people from third world countries. I figured that as sad as it is […]

  • Nannies, Maids and Sex Workers in the New Economy: Women from first world countries must work now, more than ever.  Most men no longer make enough money to support an entire family.  Increased divorce rates also force many women to work.  If women are working full time, who is watching the kids, cooking and cleaning?  A “second […]

  • I agree that the growing of the poppy crop needs to be stopped in Pakistan. We have seen the dramatic toll it has taken on the people of Pakistan. Many men in Pakistan are drug addicts as a result of the rapid growing and selling of these drugs. We have already seen the effects it […]

  • Blog 1:  “The Hidden Promise: Liberty Renewed” and “How to Judge Globalism” The authors of these chapters (John Micklethwait, Adrian Wooldridge and Amartya Sen) have made their views on globalization clear.  They believe that overall, globalization is beneficial and necessary.  The good which results from globalization outweighs the bad.  Far more people are positively influenced […]

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    Hello Hilit, This seems like a very interesting topic. Your conceptual hypothesis is great. The only suggestion I can make is that “all” vaccinations may not be clear. You may want to rephrase your hypothesis to say “Children who recieve more vaccinations will have higher opportunity in the quality of life than children who recieve […]

  • Conceptual Hypothesis: Children of homosexual parents will be more socially stigmatized than children of mentally ill or alcoholic parents.

    Empirical Hypothesis:  Children of parents of the same sex will score higher on the stigmatization scale than children from other non traditional families. 

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    Same sex marriages have become a very controversial topic in the United States today.  These couples are choosing to start families.  I would like to research the question “Does having homosexual parents negatively influence the child?  Academically? Socially?”  I am very interested in this topic because I am studying to become a teacher.  Children from all […]