• I disagree with that quote “If something has already been done there is no point in doing it again.” unless its with regard to literal remakes. If something has already been done in accordance to style, why not implement it elsewhere. Unless, Godard was reffering to the body of the film as a whole and […]

  • I dont think Tyler Perry is a good example. I feel that he simply capitalizes off a pre-existing steriotype, successfully mind you, but at the same time if a white filmmaker made the same film he would be chastized as a rascist. I agree that there is a way in which certain viewers are disconnected […]

  • I can’t imagine that a director like Godard would want to ever go to Hollywood. There is a very rewarding feeling to making an independent film, part of which arises from the struggle, but is rewarded through freedom. Also, his style would probably not have been accepted by the studio system back then which still […]

  • The concept of the Avant Garde cinema is one that I feel conflicted with in terms of my feelings of authenticity. Whereas many films contain a very meticulous narrative, I feel too many of thee experimental films are put together haphazardly. Granted, there are so many areas of experimental cinema and the spectrum is so […]

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    When you say “everything the cinema has to offer” in regards to Avatar, you are referring to the spectacle of cinema, in a more escapist sense, rather than an emersive, thought provoking narrative. The mere idea of having a 3D TV in my living room sickens me. I picture the contraption that Jim Carrey as […]

  • There are actually quite a few films that play off the idea of human interaction and the void that develops in the abscence of that contact. “Cast Away” is one example and the place of the other person was personofied by a ball. But other people arent completely nessisary, because one always speaks to our […]

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    This week’s article really speaks to an issue that has been eating away at me since the late 90’s. The advent of digital technology and the need to impress with digital effects has severely diminished the esteem of the cinema and detracts, as Anne Friedberg says, from its medium based specificity. It’s not simply the […]

  • I always find it amusing to learn the background and philosophy of a filmmaker. I find it has a similar function to understanding the life of a poet; for once you are put into the context of their work, their work becomes more profound in that you can enter into their mind through the manifested […]

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    It’s a funny thing, the horror film. While i can see where the castration anxiety comes in, the film seems to juggle with androgeny. I dont think the fundemental principle for the fear of watching a horror film comes from the fear of losing your penis, especially if you dont have one. Rather there are […]

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    The idea that part of the thrill from watching a film, particularly one which exploits the body, of vicariously experiencing a kind of pleasure is something that is very fetishistic and potentially jarring when one analyzes these triggers. Linda Williams’ article delves into interesting points regarding a spectrum of body genres that are chastised for […]

  • As far as psychological features go “Vertigo”, takes the cake as it depicts the failure of the male machismo. The film is essentially divided into two parts in the first part; Scotty is not in control of his life as indicated by the films title. He is passive, mostly watching or being manipulated by Kim […]

  • The idea that is proposed in Christian Metz’s article regarding the scopic aspect of the cinema is a fascinating one that helps decipher the drawing power of the cinema and its power to fulfill needs we can’t find in the real world. There is a certain psychological function of scopophilia that I find inherently amusing. […]

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