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    TO MAYA- I love the way you used orienting. You gave the audience bits and pieces of information right when it was needed. I really liked that, you made it easy to read and gave a lot of information in the right way. By using commas and stuff like that you were able to add […]

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    FOR JOHN- I love the way your introductory paragraph made the piece feel authentic as if it were true program notes. I think the way you described Russel, his carrier, and how he “engulfed” himself was perfect. You made him and all of his films connected. I also liked that you described the films as […]

  • I completely agree with the fact that although the special effects are simple and could be done so much better now a days that they really did work! I think that since this is a science fiction film it was important to the quality of the film that it didn’t end up to over the […]

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    I loved the way you gave a synopsis of the beginning of the film, and how the audience starts out watching. I think that it is important to the film, and I kind of put it out of my mind for a bit. I didn’t realize or really think about a movie that starts out […]

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    I completely agree! I honestly loved the music I thought it brought such a great feeling to the film, and I also loved Michel’s character in the way that he was the cool guy that although sometimes you just wanted to smack you just couldn’t help but love! I thought the movie was quite lovely […]

  • Alfred Hitchcock’s dramatic thriller “Psycho” came out in 1960 and was originally a box office flop. The now critically acclaimed classic was produced by Hitchcock himself and Paramount Studios. The film is a classic Alfred Hitchcock one with all of the elements that they contain. It is full of suspense, has something dark beneath the superficial […]

  • Program Notes By: Carlene Faith Through walking in someone else’s shoes and flashy cuts the audience gets a good look into the art scene on the CUNY Queens College campus in director Brad Bujan’s film Kino Pravda. The film which takes place on the inspiring Queens College campus focuses around the importance of art on […]

  • My outline for creating my program notes is this, paragraph: 1. Introduction to the filming. Where it is taking place, what it’s called, who’s staring in the film (the piece of art) and who directed it. Just a snippet of information 2. A synopsis of what happens in the film. Kind of like a shot […]

  • The most “Vertovian” Kino-Pravda film in my opinion was Brad Bujan’s film. Although I have not watched many of them, which is a flaw, I think his video did a good job of presenting a clear apparent reason why the art piece was important to the campus which was arguable, he analyzed his evidence very […]

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    The video was extremely informative and gave a lot of interesting facts. Although I loved the way it was presented with such humor I only wish the assignment wasn’t a kino pravda film. In my opinion it was a little distracting. It took away from why you were filming this, to present why it should […]

  • I honestly loved the amount of information you had on your piece. I like that your reason for its importance isn’t exactly specific to your art piece but to art in general. Then you took that idea and applied it to you work I thought that was very good. You gave a lot of information […]

  • When you sit down to write this essay there are some things that you might want to keep in mind. This is a more free assignment and taking advantage of that would be good. I think the opening should give the directors name, the works name and a summary of what happens including a bit […]

  • I think that the criteria was very difficult to grade upon. Although a lot of things in the video I watched stood out to me, those things were not in the criteria we were looking at. I found that the video I watched had strengths in giving a lot of information! Although the video did […]

  • 5 criteria for assessing Kino Pravda Film Essays 1. Argument, Evidence and Analyzing a. Video contains a clear argument that is true but arguable. —-Video contains an argument that is not clear and is not necessarily true but arguable. b. Video backs up its argument with clear concise information that supports the authors claim. —-Video […]

  • **sorry about the noise of the sirens and wind I hope its not too distracting and I hope you enjoy!** 1. (c.u) black screen with “Kino Pravda”…Carlene Faith in lime green on it 2 . (m.s) trees with light pole and Queens College logo 3. (c.u) Queens College logo with white background 4. (l.s) […]

  • -Title Screen “Kino-Pravda…” -Picture of Queens College Banner (close up) -Black Screen with the title of my artwork “The Four Winds of the World” By Donna Dennis -Pictures of the art work going from further away to closer (getting closer and closer) -Shots from observational documentary (to introduce the art work) -Fade into pictures of […]

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    1. Get rid of all unnecessary words that have no purpose in your writing. “Strip every sentence to its cleanest components” 2. Make sure that what you are saying gets to the point and doesn’t lose the reader in the clutter. Be careful what you say and how you word it so it is concise. […]

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    It is important to give the audience something visually stimulating and interesting to look at while at the same time it should not lose the audience in a cloud of special effects. In Dziga Vertov’s film, the quick flashy shots gave the audience something interesting to look at but the overly shaky feel of the […]

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    I think that Vertov’s film although visually stimulating in my opinion was not what I expected out of a Vertovian film. I do think that he used a good deal of editing with the cutting from scene to scene, but as Vertov mentioned its good if it’s helping to get the point across. I think […]

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