• Good analysis! I like that you chose the female gaze (like Konrad haha) but you took a different approach to it. You wrote it personally and you used a lot of details, which made a good combination. I know that English isn’t your first language but I really understand what you’re trying to say and […]

  • 1-This had a lot of errors (like question marks in the beginning of the sentence?). 2- You didn’t specify the scene you are writing about. How are we supposed to know what you’re talking about if you just say- “There is a scene in the movie about the male gaze” and don’t even describe it? […]

  • I posted my analysis pretty last-minute, so I didn’t realize we did the same scene, hah. I like how you went with a friendlier, more personal touch with your assignment, it made it a lot more interesting to read while still keeping it formal. The sound on my laptop actually wasn’t working, but I already […]

  • In “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”, Laura Mulvey describes something known as the “Male Gaze.” She basically says that movies are filmed from a man’s perspective, gives examples how this is done, and explains the psychology behind it. Women are viewed as weak and vulnerable and serve as eye candy for a film. The majority […]

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    I watched this in the privacy of my home with tea and the lights off laying down all comfy. It ruled, thank you internetz. I loved the music in this movie. It was so, I guess melancholy is the word. So relaxing, but it tells a sad story… It was strange watching a Japanese movie […]

  • I like how we both wrote about Umberto D but our posts are sooo different! The Neorealism of it didn’t even come up in my mind as I was typing. I found this movie incredibly depressing as well, can that poor man ever get a break? I noticed he was contemplating suicide when he was […]

  • I think you could have gotten more detailed with your analysis, like using more shots, camera angles and all that nice film terminology stuff, but besides that, you brought up some good points- like instead of a bunch of angry human beings, it’s one big monster. I loved this scene, it was so creepy! And […]