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    Terry Eagleton, “Introduction: What is Literature?” Please read this chapter carefully and take notes. It will be helpful to mark important passages, and to mark the places that inspire […]

    • Marianne Moore and Terry Eagleton direct their writing to express the definition of complex words that have been manipulated throughout history through authors and readers. Moore attempts to define poetry as something that is not a “high-sounding interpretation” (3) but something that is “useful” (3). Anybody can take a piece of text and unravel the meaning of it and find the authors purpose, but Moore emphasizes that poetry should be intended to be understood as a personalized message that the reader can appreciate.

      Terry Eagleton uses a similar connotation to attempt explaining literature. He concentrates on “interests” and “values” as a relationship in society and how one evaluates a situation. He states “value-judgments themselves have a close relation to social ideologies” (14). Social ideologies are a set of standards in a community that is considered acceptable and followed. Value Judgment is when an individual acts based on their, escaping the norms. Like Moore, Terry Eagleton attempts to explain that literature can be of value to a person if they can take the unbeaten path to understand the writing for themselves instead of following the general assumptions made about a piece of literature.

      Based on the two authors explanations of what poetry and literature mean, “usefulness” is a flexible word to explain literature because if we can put things into perspective and value the outcome from composition then inevitably it will be useful to us.

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