• As I have commented on a few other blogs, I don’t believe that the cinema will die. With time comes change. The world constantly evolves and so does our technology. There are many arguments about the technology that is utilized for film making. Friedberg argues that the cinema is being lost within the technological world […]

  • I agree with you Elliot on the fact that we have to keep up to speed with advancing technology. I do feel that technology is growing at an abnormally increasing rate. It’s as if I turn around and there’s always something new. In the year 2050, we’ll be the older folk who starts off the […]

  • Well Ben, I have a comment about your statement that people not being true filmmakers by digitally manipulating film. You have to look at it this way, there is the old school style of filmmaking and new school style. Where do these people that manipulate fit in? Obviously the new school of film. Everything evolves […]

  • This film is directed by Juan Jose Campanella. One word to describe this film: brilliant. I was completely blown away by Campanella’s work. This is first time I have ever seen a piece by him. From the very start of the film, the editing of the film caught my eye. This film made me think, I […]

  • I have been a fan of vampires and am drawn to the mystique of vampirism.  What always struck me was the way in which sexuality has always been linked to vampires.  A vampire’s sexual orientation almost always leans towards heterosexuality (Queen of the Damned) or has homoerotic tendencies (Interview with a Vampire, The Rocky Horror […]

  • Yesterday I went, along with a few others, to see the Fassbinder film World on a Wire.  Fassbinder’s film was originally made for German television and based on the novel Simulacron-3 by Daniel F. Galouve.  This film is about computer generated people who figure out what they are and disrupt the continuity of the program […]

  • This has to be, by far, the best reading.  I was really intrigued by what Hooks had to say about black female spectatorship.  The way in which she began her article just drew me in.  It felt personal.  I am not black, but I can empathize with the way she was scolded as a child […]

  • Christian Metz is very hard to read.  I feel as though he talks in circles and I have to reread almost every other paragraph to understand what he is saying.  Metz discusses identification and the mirror.   Cinema has been described as a “synthesis of all the arts”.  Which I agree with because of the many […]

  • I have always been a fan of vampire flicks.  Not only have I always been a fan but I have noticed the sexual nature of these films as well.  I want to discuss the homoerotic implications, the relationships, and find out more about “Transylvania”.  Why did Bram Stoker pick this place as Dracula’s hometown?  Am […]

  • christina421 wrote a new post, White Ribbon, on the site Film Theories 10 years ago

    Okay…so last night I saw White Ribbon directed by Michael Haneke.  The only other film of his that I have seen was Funny Games .  The film was shot in black and white which was appropriate for the time periodlocation that this film was set in which was pre-war Germany.  Haneke is very clever with his use of […]

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