• Wow the cliffhanger your left us is intense. Definitely curious..
    But sometimes, its a bit confusing if its present tense or past tense? Maybe its just me.
    But the story line is great!

  • ckim90 commented on the blog post Smile and Wave 7 years, 11 months ago

    Your story is so strong. I love how you worked the dialogue well in the story. Sometimes, people tend to loose the description part when they use dialogue but you didn’t seem to have a problem at all.
    And the use of the lines from the poems are amazing as well. Definitely a new idea!

  • There were plenty of other seats in the classroom but to my luck, Mrs. Lee sat you in the seat next to mine. All that day, I didn’t hear a word the teacher said. I stared at your profile, which you didn’t seem to mind at all. You would glance at me now and then and […]

  • The rain fell down on m head as I jumped around in the muddy puddles in my new rain boots. Even if people shook their heads at me as they walked down the street under the protection of their umbrellas, I could care less because I was unique just like my grandmother always told me. […]

  • I never would have imagined the day That you would be gone from my life If only you didn’t have to feel the pain Before you moved on to your next life I tried to grasp your hand But it slipped away just like your life What am I to do with you gone from […]

  • I’ll start with the usual, expected comment: I love reading your posts! I had the same theme as you for the creative nonfiction posts but it seems completely different because you chose to speak about all types of relationships which is such a great idea. It gives a more a general and broad look on […]

  •   Our love was started like the speed of light. I could not help but fall into your gaze. You and I turned away with all our might But against our will our hearts were ablaze.   Every day was spent reminiscing back To the day we first caught each other’s eye. Under your gaze […]

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    Honestly, I wanted to change my theme because…well I broke up with my boyfriend of two years just a few days ago.  But rather than changing the theme since its my last post anyway, I decided to add my experience with my ex-boyfriend to further analyze love and relationships. You may think I’m making my […]

  • ckim90 commented on the blog post My love 8 years ago

    Wow! I’m envious of your relationship with your boyfriend. It sounds amazing!

  • It’s scary to think that such a normal person can commit such a horrible crime. It makes me wonder if my best friend, or a friend of a friend, perfectly normal every day guy(odd that I say guy), can be a serial killer as well. Maybe you can write more about how you feel about […]

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    True love. I wonder if anyone has ever experienced it. I also wonder if its always a two way thing. Do both people have to love one another for it to be love? Or can a single sided crush be love as well? For instance; my best friend in high school. I was best friends […]

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    Hey Michelle! I love that you wrote about your parents because I also have an amazing relationship with my parents. Like Prof. Abeles said, I think it may sound a bit contradictory about the fact that you started with saying how other kids are rude to their parents and then you tell us about your […]

  • A few years back, I was digging through my mom’s closet in search of a bag I could steal for the day when I came upon a large box I’ve never seen before. I honestly hate when my mom goes through my things, so I was a bit hesitant to see what was inside the […]

  • I’ve never written or even read a blog until my Creative Writing class so I don’t even know how I’m supposed to approach it but here I go! My name is Catherine Kim and I was born and raised in Queens but my heart belongs in South Korea. Although I’ve only been to Korea once in […]