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    When is a Jew Not Jewish enough? We hear in the audio about a boy who migrated from California to Jerusalem to enlist in the IDF. He was asked by the army what religion he practiced, he said Judaism. The army said that they could not write this on his identification card. His mother was […]

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    I had no idea London did this. I think it’s great that there are so many cameras. I agree with what you said about living their, id feel much safer, especially in the airports and subways.

  • Do you think that maybe the government, or at least some branches are corrupt and have soemthing to do with smuggling or sex trades

  • In the Hispanic Challenge written by Samuel Huntington; we are given an essay about Hispanic immigration to the United States and examples on how the us are a whole. “Most Americans see the creed as the crucial element of their national identity. The creed, however, was the product of the distinct Anglo-Protestant culture of the […]

  • In chapter 36; Media and Sovereignty Monroe E. Price speaks about the role of media and how government has to put regulation on the media so they do not over power the government or the economy. With this idea we, as a society are able to see and maintain order, like the chain of commands. […]

  • Do you think that if the NGO’s would expand on more ideas that there wouldnt be as many negative effects? Like with tax, obviously this helps society but can they somehow take further action for us?

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    Amy, This article I really liked. I think that nannies really dont get enough credit, they do so much work thats just un noticed by so many people. I do think that in the 3rd world countires there arnt many jobs available, and if there are, they prob dont pay well…it must suck not to […]

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    Some woman thrive on being able to work everyday and earn a paycheck that allows them an exquisite lifestyle, while other woman have no choice but to work because they have to support their children and maintain a household on their own, with no husband. In this article ; ” Nannies, made and sex workers […]

  • Three sources of tension spoken about in chapter 28 are; Reduced barriers to trade and investment accentuate the asymmety between groups that can cross international borders and those that can not. This category mostly involves the upper skilled working class. They have to meet work damands and fight for wages. The second is GL engenders […]

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                  Creolization can be described in the geography dictionary as “The hybridization of a culture, as it absorbs and transforms forces from outside; the production of new local forms in response to globalization”. This mean that ideas and customs from different cultures manage to travel around the world and each society adapts, and re-creates […]