Chelsea O'Neill

  • A: Ahhh! You missed it!!!
    B: Missed what?
    C: We got the special candle for person x’s surprise birthday ‘party’
    B: Ohmigod did you get a pic I want to. Just. See his face. With the candle. The look of defeat and acceptance I-
    A: *lightly bangs fist on table* I SHOULDVE TAKEN A PIC
    B: We came up with the idea!!! You did it without me, y’all…[Read more]

  • I remember a few years ago the government commissioned some scientists to make “self sustaining war machines” that could “use organic matter as fuel”. We all knew they wanted to say “biomatter” but “organic” sounded less bloody, less deadly, more forgiving. The scientists sure did make the machines, but forgot about the war part and released them…[Read more]

  • I think something has been broken
    So I see a doctor
    I haven’t seen a doctor in years and had to schedule it myself
    A mall doctor, I wonder what those are like
    She takes my pulse and does an EKG too, just to be sure
    It’s all abnormal
    She’s alarmed but this is all nothing new to me
    My chest hurts
    I tell her as she calls the cardiologist in a…[Read more]

  • Will you just stop speaking at me
    Or lying by omission to my face and then to the masses
    Turning my humble little opinion nasty and viral
    Into a political disease nobody but everybody wanted
    and takes naive victims along the way
    Relying on stranger’s willingness to agree or disagree will ultimately be our downfall
    And I don’t want to…[Read more]

  • You know whats Funny?
    The ignorant are the most critical
    “I don’t like who you are
    or what you do
    But I don’t want to understand who you are”
    Why is it always about me?
    Why is it never about you?
    I ask you to reflect on yourself but then it’s all about me again
    If you didn’t have me to project onto, what would you have left to hate?

  • Both poems share the theme of attainable dreams being unfulfilled or recognized and the subsequent feeling of upset that undoubtedly follows. Harlem is more direct with its descriptions of a ‘dream deferred’, personifying the feelings of despair, underachievement, hollowness, and rage one would feel about an opportunity denied to them. kitchenette…[Read more]

  • Remember when mother made you
    Stitching together her perfect little doll
    Bringing her prize to family show and tell
    To be the best little figure in the display case, even if you must pull apart the other’s seams
    For what are your friends to her bragging rights
    Without you, she would only have her washed out cloth to cover her cracked porcelain soul

  • In the atrium of the natural heart storms of discord build
    Streams of charged ions, buzzing worn nerves
    Sparks of chaos spring forth like lightning
    Two worlds revert to the hectic laws of Nix
    How silly it is humans praise the complexities of the storm and life
    Yet an electric gradient within leaves the greatest conventions in strife

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