• You probably don’t think that your teaching adds much to your carbon footprint, but there are simple practices you can adopt to make what you do in and around the classroom more environmentally friendly.

    We begin […]

  • For the 3rd straight semester QC TEST aka Teacher Evaluation Student Evaluation Team created in June 2010 has been promoting to get more people to evaluate their Professors and courses. They have been increasing each semester the number of prizes and have been getting more people to fill out the evaluations. The goal this semester […]

  • On Thursday March 31st, 2011, students from CUNY Queens College participated in a National Day of Walkouts to Defend Education. The turn out was enormous for the first hour of the walkout with roughly over a 100 students not in class and on the quad chanting together. It started at 12:15pm the start off to […]

  • On Tuesday night around the 10 o’clock hour right outside QC on the side of Melbourne Avenue and Kissena Blvd., two women who were leaving the Holocaust memorial event in the SU building had their car robbed at knife point. My friend said she was leaving the SU bldg when she heard a loud scream. […]

  • This past Friday, I heard from another female QC STAND member that she was assaulted right in front of the music building in broad daylight. He was asking her if she could give him a cigarette and she said no. She was able to get away from the suspect. This is the 4th time in […]

  • A good friend of mine told me that 3 weeks ago a female was robbed at knife point at night right outside QC on Kissena Blvd. A suspected victims have been females and this is the 3rd robbery that has occurred in a 4 month period. I don’t know if security was told about the […]

  • Unfortunately the election committee has voted to have the same process of lab top presentation and no accountability or enforcement of rules again for next year’s election in 2011. The academic senate has all UP votes and only one DSA senator who did get elected plus a bunch of Professors who don’t give a damn […]

  • On Tuesday evening of November 23rd at 7:50pm another robbery occurred at QC on the 3rd floor of the SU building where a female was working on her labtop. She approached from behind and distracted as a person dumped the contents of a planter over her head. The person than fled with her bag, only […]

  • Today during Free Hour once again the Senate Elections Committee approved to have the same election protocol for this upcoming year’s student government election. Unfortunately, elections at QC there is no single given authority to follow out these rules. So basically it’s a merry-go-round of a election system where there is no accountability. SERC has […]

  • On Monday night a female student was approached from behind and robbed at knife point while exciting Kiely Hall at 6:50pm. From her description the suspected robber is around 20 years old, 5’6″ Tall, Latino, and wearing a black jacket, brown cap and a chain on his pants. This has been the first incident that […]

  • On Thursday evening at 6pm Queens College was hit by a EF1 tornado that did some serious damage to the college campus and to the surrounding neighborhood. Trees were uprooted and toppled over, tree limbs and branches hanging, garbage cans thrown like sticks, lights went out in 4 buildings, windows were cracked,doors flew open and […]

  • As I was just informed by my Poli Sci adjunct Professor that both CUNY and SUNY are included in the furlough that was passed Monday night by state lawmakers and City University of New York is explicitly named.  Yesterday in the city the was a big rally outside Gov. Paterson’s Manhattan office to go against […]

  • So this week there will be a NYC DREAM ACT Week of Action. Each day there will be different ways to support the Dream Act and get the word out to everyone that we need to pass it this year! Last year the word was out on the Dream Act but Congress failed to pass […]

  • So what is a netbook? A netbook is considered a notebook that comes in various sizes from the smallest from 7inch to the biggest 13inches, no cd drive, smaller memory capacity and different specs compared to larger notebooks.  There are so many netbooks on the market today, a lot more than there was a few […]

  • crina wrote a new post, Hello world!, on the site Rina Writes! 8 years, 5 months ago

    Hello World! My name is Carina Marie Nieves and this is my first posting for my QC Blog! My friend Diana from school on Facebook said that she made a QC Blog and I had heard a few months ago that QC is now going to do this program so I thought I would give […]