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  • OK. Both Oedipus Rex and Two Gentlemen of Verona were bad. Thats it bad. Oedipus almost had me up until the very end, which was a little sad, but wasn’t climactic at all. Same thing with Two Gentlemen, crappy ending. In both cases its almost like the playwright got lazy in my opinion. In Oedipus, […]

  • When I had first been assigned to read death of a salesman, I thought it would be a disappointing, slow read. Even though I was familiar with the Dustin Hoffman version of the movie, I didn’t think the play would be very good because it wasn’t a film, and I didn’t think it could communicate […]

  • Daniel H. Wilde, a writer and doctor, said “The process of revision allows room for correcting sentence-level errors, but the emphasis in the development of critical thinking skills lies in the act of revision, of reseeding one’s written work, illumined by assertions, commentary, and classroom debates” (23, Wild). He felt that the revision process is […]

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    yo brad, i like these notes lol, i think its great that im commenting my own stuff. i like the detail you put into it without revealing too much information about the stuff i do to keep audiences attention. the writing is good, and keeps the readers interet and dosent lose them in a smokescreen […]

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    haha, i deffinately sound alot more important than i actually am john. i liked this review, although it is not blazing with sarcasm, like mine is, it is quite informative, and radiates awesome amounts of energy, it is a well rounded piece with suttle humor thrown in to keep the readers interest peaked.

  • omg i haven’t looked at ur blog before i lovvvvve it lol. Yes we should kill zombies and yes alfred hichcock is the man. I was a little surprised to learn you liked horro and all the other stuff you were into this much, and its awesome, i love ur little reviews, and ur bog […]

  • Very good john-san. Me and you are on the same page except you took half the words i took to say the same damn thing lol. And once again i praise you for it good sir. yes this movie was great, although i think Body Snatchers was best. Its pod people bro, think about it […]

  • i like things that take place durring the vietnam war, i dont know why but i do. This movie honestly sounds very interesting and you should know by now the lowr budget it is the better lol. i love old sci fi feeling movies and with the way you described it, it sounds like something […]

  • spinal tap is so much fun lol, thanks for posting that video it made me smile. I love the mock rockumentaries, there always filled with gret laughs and considerably good music lol

  • Well well well, where do I begin with this movie. Bonnie and  Clyde is like a 1930’s version of Robin Hood. And although quite entertaining I’m not sure how accurate the movie is. It starts off with a beautiful Bonnie looking out her window and seeing someone tinkering with a car outside. She looks at […]

  • Experimental filmmaker and director  Stan Brakhage (1933-2003) has indeed composed one of the most interesting films that THE REALLY BAD MOVIE REVIEW has ever seen. And, shit that is the point of this article. The fact that it’s unique.  “A “found foliage” film composed of insects, leaves, and other detritus sandwiched between two strips of […]

  • •SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL• The Spheres of Klapper Hall by Vito Acconci Directed by: John Malach, R.W. Original Film Concept by John Malach Program Notes Russell Weinberg Public Relations for THE REALLY BAD MOVIE REVIEW John Malach’s conceptual, Kino Pravda documentary, “The Spheres of Klapper Hall by Vito Acconci” is a revealing work of art, about […]

  • 1) the mysterious life of john the carreer befor the movies 2)his first film at independent film festival 3) time for a carreer change 4)his love for the queens college spheres, public art grant 5)the spherical interviews 6)the new film the first collaboration 7)the new film cinematography/special guests 8)the new film music 9)the new film […]

  • 1)the Kino Pravda i found to be the most vertovian out of the three that i watched so far was carlenes, because she used alot of still shots, and didn’t move the camera all tht much, she just took the shots she had and rolled with it. 2)my favorite part of my video was a […]

  • As far as television is concerned the X-Files has to be the the best thing I’ve ever seen at least on TV. Im not going t go into grandiose detail and long descriptions of each episode because I will be here for ever. But what i will say is that its completely awesome. The acting […]

  • Now i know that i promised a review of Psycho, but after seeing it i wasn’t as thrilled by it as I thought I would be, so were gonna make a little change and talk about the experimental films we watched. Now although they are confusing at points, and don’t seem to make sense… it’s […]

  • lol, the sound is so inconvienent, but i like how you seemed to keep it focused, although doing a project called four winds of the world, in the wind seems to carry a certain charm about it lol. Good job working through the distractions and not allowing your own self get distracted. I know i […]

  • win… in more forms than one lol, it was entertaining and informative, the entertainment was mostly visual and vocal humor, but it all came at the right times, i like this

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