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    I agree with the above statement about Africa as a whole. There is no doubt that different regions have different cultures. I dont find it that much of a big deal that he didnt specify but it would have definitley improved the interview

  • I agree with the your statement about how our suspense is focused from Madeline and Judy, to Stewart after realizing her (their) identity. I think Hitchcock is amazing with throwing the viewer off track but never out of focus from the story being portrayed.

  • With today’s focus on “Bonnie and Clyde” I personally am excited to watch the movie. Especially after reading the article. My reasonings for this come from the sole point that the role of women in films has always been a questionable one of where they stand as respected to the other male characters. I think […]

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    To Benjamin’s comment above, I understand what you are saying about the 3D television in your living room. But I also understand that with the continuous advancements in technology, the advancements in televisions to meet current theater standards is inevitable.

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    I agree with what you are saying about technology not being the death of cinema, just changing it. Especially with our generation, its weird to see how far along technology has actually come since the vcr and basic cable. The comment you made about the mac computer I especially agree with. It makes it possible […]

  • In reading the excerpt by Kristen Whissel, “Tales of Upward Mobility: The New Verticality and Digital Special Effects”, I am not sure a lot about what is being said but a few points stand out to me, especially the section on “X-MEN”. In this she explains how over time, every hundred years or so, there […]

  • I think this is an awesome idea for a paper. I as well have been a fan of vampires for years since “interview with the vampire”. The sudden vampire craze within books tv and movies make the basis for your paper something very interesting to write about

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    I agree that it is the passing time that is forcing film to be redefined. I feel that it is the technological advances that prevent classic films to be created anymore. But it is in the terms of the viewer in what they consider to be classic.

  • After reading the article “Elegy for Film”, I at first didnt quite understand what was being said within the passage. But as I kept reading it became quite clear that it that D.N Rodowick (author) was upset with the direction cinema was heading towards. He discussed how the classic film no longer existed and that […]

  • One of my favorite films can be said to be ” Slumdog Millionaire”. Besides the innovative as well as touching storyline,  I greatly enjoyed taking a view into the life of someone living in those surroundings. Howe ver what I did not understand at the time was the song and dance routines that were thrown […]

  • I agree that work should be judged on content alone. There have been many films where I have gone in expecting more considering the director’s track record and came out disappointed. That is also a downside to go in expecting too much because it could hinder what your meant to see in general

  • I know I am a little late with posting for last week but after reading the excerpt from “Black Skin, White Masks” By Frantz Fanon, I felt the need to comment. Normally with reading an excerpt such as this one I would read and try to connect with the author since it is something that […]

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    With last weeks screening of “Vertigo” by Alfred Hitchcock, I dont really know where to begin other than saying it has given me much more of an understanding at where Hitchcock stands with women. It was always known to me that he had a weird way of working them into his films but with the […]

  • I agree with you on all levels. Although at times it is good to see a really deep film which leaves you feeling and thinking about it for days, I tend to think that seeing a film should bring you into a different world where you can escape reality for a few hours and enjoy […]

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