• I agree with you about the acting in this film, especially the part of Jesus. Jim Caviezel is an amazing actor and has been in movies such as Angel Eyes, Frequency, Pay It Forward, and one of my personal favorites, The Count of Monte Cristo. To choose such a strong actor such as he to […]

  • In the opening scene where the viewer is introduced to the Virgin Mary, she is standing looking blankly into the camera in front of an arch way.  By positioning her in this spot, we get the sense that she is indeed Devine and cherished by God.  Also, while Mary stands there, we see Joseph walking […]

  • The film The Prince of Egypt opens with clouds blocking the sun than dispersing to allow the sun to shine through.  When looking at the graphics, I feel that this opening scene is a foreshadowing of the film.  It is the story of Moses and after the ‘darkness’ which will consume Egypt with the plagues and […]

  • Danielle Mitchell The Last Temptation Of Christ In the opening of this film, there are a lot of jump shots.  These jump shots covey an intense, unsettling feeling with the viewer, which are full of dramatic tones and suspense.  When we see Jesus in his home and Judas enters to find him building a crucifix there is […]