• Thumbnail (1993), directed by Atom Egoyan, was a very interesting film to watch. The director stars in his own film about a photographer searching for love after his marriage falls apart. The film is pretty simple in which there are only three main settings where the story takes place; the dinning room, Armenia, and the photographer’s answering […]

  • ThumbnailMiklós Jancsó’s The Red and the White is a 1968 film that deals with the Russian Civil War. This film was well received in Hungary, as opposed to Russia who banned the film for many years. The film is set along the Volga River during the 1918 Civil War. Since Jancsó is a Hungarian filmmaker, it is […]

  • It was interesting to read what you had to say about female rappers, and todays female rapper Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj persona is really interesting in which she has about 3 alter egos and each is expressed in her music. However, she reminds me of ‘Lil Kim’s style of rapping and appearance. I think men […]

  • I enjoyed reading you response on Jay-Z article. I find him to be a real artist in which he can look back and reflect on his life with his lyrics and music videos. Jay-Z really seems like a humble guy that knew his talents from a young age, hustled, and got on top of the […]

  • Jen, I agree with what u said in the beginning of your response. We are so used to having all of these technological advances and we truly take it for granted. We are waiting for the next touchscreen phone or 3D TV when our parents just had regular TV with antennas. Although it seems iPods […]

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    I believe “covering” a song is paying homage to the artist’s work. However, this can go either really bad or really good. Personally, I listen to a lot of cover songs and sometimes i don’t even know its a cover song until i hear the original song on TV or radio. I then realized that […]

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    Brandon, I agree with what you had to say about women and iPods. One of the reasons why i enjoy listening to my iPod is to zone people out in the train/buses and definitely men! I do not want to hear some random guy hitting on me, and if he does i wont be listening […]

  • Cynthia Fuchs’s “I’m From Rags to Riches”: The Death of Jay-Z was an interesting and informative article about the rapper Jay-Z. This article was written in 2003, around the time that Jay-Z had announced his “retirement” from the rap game. He eventually came back to make more music, including the single that was heard all over […]

  • Roger Beebe’s Paradox of Pastiche: Spike Jonze, Hype Williams, and the Race of Postmodern Auteur discusses how music video directors gained recognition of their work when MTV began adding their names to their videos. This essay provided a lot of information that I was not aware of before such as the director’s name was never on […]

  • Karen Collin’s Grand Theft Audio? Popular Music and Intellectual Property in Video Games was very informative reading. I am a fan of both music and video games and this article really helped me understand how these two types of medium mesh to help one another. One of my favorite video games that was mentioned in this […]

  • Michael Bull’s iPod Culture and Urban Experience is an essay that everyone who has ever had an iPod can relate too. The majority of the essay is based on quotes that individuals have said about their experience with their iPods. I definitely related to the majority of quotes that individuals stated. We all somehow got trapped […]

  • Chris Nelson’s Trying to Sell CD’s by Adding Extras brought me back to the day when we actually bought CD’s. Surprisingly, this was was not too long ago but it seems like many years have gone by since we have bought CD’s and played it on portable CD players. When Nelson’s essay was published in 2003, […]

  • Gail Hilson Woldu’s Women in Rap was very interesting and entertaining to read. The rapper Lil’ Kim is mentioned a lot throughout the article in which she is one of the most important female rap figures from the 90s. Female rap and sexuality both go hand in hand and Lil’ Kim is a great example of […]

  • ThumbnailDog Day Afternoon is a 1975 film directed by Sidney Lumet that starred Al Pacino and John Cazale. Distributed by Warner Bros., the film tells the story of two men, Sonny and Sal, who decide to rob a bank on a hot summer New York day. Dog Day Afternoon is considered to be part of the New Hollywood era, […]

  • Hey, I enjoyed reading your scene analysis. I felt the same way when i first watched this scene. I did not know if it was a dream or a flashback. The color of this film is very important. It was bright and saturated, and when i first saw the scene, i was a bit confused. […]

  • Thumbnail What a way to end the semester with this amazing film. I did not lose interest throughout ANY scene in this film… everything about it was pure awesomeness 😀 Okay, where to start… The first scene where Bonnie was in her house, it was interesting how the camera was teasing the audience in which i […]

  • I really enjoyed reading your Psycho scene analysis and how you described Arbogast death shot by shot. The shot that interested me the most is when Arbogast is falling down the stairs. It is definitely unique how the camera follows him all the way down capturing his face expression after he got stabbed. His reaction […]

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