Denisha Bayley

  • Thank you Professor Herzog! I really enjoyed your class this semester and I hope to take another class of ours in the near future.

  • I like how you mentioned Bates conversation about the birds. I didn’t really catch the reference the first time but now that I think of it, Hitchcock was ironically foreshadowing his next film “The Birds.” Ironic, like Stephen mentioned, because in that film the birds just randomly go crazy and start violently attacking people.

  • I agree, Bonnie and Clyde was great way to end this class. It was probably the best screening yet, in my opinion. You can really see the progression of the industry in this film. The content that was usually just in implied, like in the earlier films this semester, was blatantly there. It was kind […]

  • Wow that sucks, that sort of thing happened to me, it said publishing…and it never did. Now for your thoughts on the movie, I like the way you referenced The Source Code and Time Travelers wife. I completely forgot about those films but I can definitely see how you can relate them to La Jetee. […]

  • I heard a lot of references to the film. I never read play nor have I seen the film, but the way you describe it really makes me want to. I find the premise quite interesting and I’m curious to see how the play it out in relation to the Production Code. I’ll be sure […]

  • I understand where your coming from about melodramas not being your thing. I’d rather a comedy or thriller any day but I did kinda like this movie. Not because the story was amazing or that I really felt for the characters or anything like that, its because it was so overdramatic that it was actually […]

  • I was really happy to learn that we were going to watch Bonnie and Clyde this semester. I’ve always wanted to watch it but never got around to it. Boonie and Clyde, is a classic lovers and crime film following the epics of the infamous Barrow gang. The film starts off with a bored small […]

  • From the start of this class, I’ve been having the urge to play Movies: The Game. So recently I ventured to the back of my closet and pulled out the old cd box set and booted up the game. Released in 2005, Movies: The Game is a business simulation game focusing, you’ve guessed it, making […]

  • Breathless follows some days in the life of on the run young criminal Michel. The film begins with Michel amid stealing a car. As he flees, some cops catches on a follows him, which brings Michel to killing the cop.  Now on the run, he returns to Paris in search of refuge. He turns to his […]

  • Formal Analysis: The Lady Eve’s Feminine Gaze Recently in class, we discussed the cinematic feminist theory of the “Male Gaze.” This psychoanalytic theory formulated by Laura Mulvey, in her essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema,” brings to focus the overwhelming use of the heterosexual male perspective in cinema. In this perspective, women are not seen as […]

  • Denisha Bayley wrote a new post, La Jetée, on the site Cinematic History 8 years ago

    I must say, I actually did like this film. Initially when I realized it was only going to be still photography I thought it was going to drag on and be boring. This was not the case. I mean, the photograph was so captivating. The way the photographs were composed, it was just stunning. Especially […]

  • Shot-by-Shot Scene Analysis of The Public Enemy( dir. William A. Wellman, Warner Bros., 1931) Scene The final scene in the gangster film, The Public Enemy. In this scene, Mike Powers receives a call, learning that his brother will be returning home. He and the rest of the family prepares for and anticipates Tom’s arrival. Time Frame: 1:18:27 – […]

  • Hello, my name is Denisha and I really like films. When it comes to the genres of film I generally choose to watch, a majority of them would be comedies and thrillers. However, I also love foreign films with some favorites being, Monsoon Wedding and Lola Rennt. Most of the time, if I’m not watching a movie you […]