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    i hear all of your points, but i don’t think anyone wants to face the fact that to make a film, it costs a lot of money. making film art is not like painting a picture, it costs a ton of money, and someone has to be willing to give that money. i find it […]

  • i agree! if you want to talk about that you could also bring up Avatar who really relies on CGI for its storytelling method!

  • i agree! and about female filmmakers, now that Kathryn Bigalow won an oscar maybe more female filmmakers will get a chance. there are some that i really like. i like Jane Campion’s The Piano, and i forgot her name but i really loved the film boys don’t cry. so i hope there’s a future for […]

  • i think that all of these new technologies would help our viewing not take away from it. for instance, if i need to get up for something i can pause the film, that way i don’t miss anything. or if i miss something, then i can go back and watch it again. or if there […]

  • I think DVD’s are a great innovation. if i cannot go out to the theater for some reason DVD’s are great. however action films are made to be watched on the big screen.

  • Well all the authors are talking about 3D and other new technologies that have emerged recently. I wonder what we would have had to read if this book was published after Avatar was released. I probably would have been reading all day. I think that all the authors made some really good points about how […]

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    Crash is the most overrated film ever. it sucked; but since it won an oscar and is about race everyone is too scared to say so. but I have been an advocate for years against it, the writing and acting sucked…the direction not much better…I hope someone in the class agrees with me here

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    So much talk about African Americans in film. I find it funny because on my Friday class is devoted towards African Americans in TV and film. I found the comparison in FTC of The Birth of a Nation to The Color Purple very interesting, and the long article about racism and antisemitism in film very […]

  • I found the reading about the feminist gaze very interesting. I really enjoyed when the writer discussed how when a women is wearing glasses, she is therefore considered unattractive. From the movies that I’ve seen, I’d have to agree with that as very often the nerdy or losers are wearing those black thick rimmed glasses. […]

  • For my final paper I will focus on auteur theory, and how the theory could be seen through Martin Scorsese’s work. I will focus on the different opinions of what the theory is, and how Scorsese’s work exemplifies it. There are many motifs in Scorsese’s work that I can focus on such as Italian Americans, […]

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    I hear you on me not knowing older directors. I’ve seen a bunch of Wells, but that’s about it.

  • This weeks readings discuss the “Auteur theory”. I like the idea that a director can have a trademark in their films, as it can distinguish them from any other director, and perhaps help them build a fan base. I noticed the writers all loved listing their favorite directors, and some of them even went on […]

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    On the film that we watched in class- it made absolutely no sense. I was thinking about maybe watching it stoned off my face and analyzing all the mis-en-scene, and trying to make something of it, but watching it in class, I was just completely baffled. I think that film art should serve a purpose, […]

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