Erickson Bryan

  • i understand but its my favorite because they dont understand they should of killed him. How did they possibly think they can humiliate him and not expect for him to retaliate

  • I love your observation of the male gaze and your use of psychology to analyze it. I agree with you when you stated the background is blurry when focus on Jean and father to show their importance. Good selection of scene. Good observation on the music too i havent really focused on that.

  • This was my first time seeing this film so the things you pointed out i really didnt understand the meanings of the birds. The birds creeped me out though so I had a feeling this guy was up to something. Another reason i thought something was weird about Norman why does this man run a […]

  • I agree with Natalie I like how you state your observations of repetition. I also feel that the majority of films we watch shows us repetition. Repetition as we learn this year just really explains to us that it will be or is very important and has a meaning behind its appearance. I also like […]

  • I Love This MOVIE. I like the scene you chose it takes a lot for an actress to play this role. A lot of people may not know Blanche is a very stubborn annoying character but does have a touching side to her. Throughout the movie you can feel her pain. You can tell she […]

  • By far the best screening we have seen all year. Bonnie and Clyde  produced by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway seems to be a crime/love film based on the actual notorious Barrow gang. Bonnie a small-town girl seeks this handsome criminal Clyde. Because of Bonnie’s curiosity  Clyde takes Bonnie on a run(a robbery) with him and […]

  • Laura Mulvey analysis of films caused her to come up with this theory called the “Male Gaze”. The “Male Gaze” theory argues that the various “looks” at work in cinema (the gaze of the camera, of the characters on screen, and the spectator) tend to reinforce a male perspective. (Herzog1) I want  to agree with […]

  • The scene I chose is from the film Public Enemy In the Gun Shop. The link can be found on youtube. Shot 1: Shot Description Cinematography: LS. This shot is a long shot. The camera allows us to see everything in the background. The camera placement is straight on.  The lighting is kind of dark to begin with until […]

  • The scene that i chose from  Citizen Kane was the ending scene when they were actually throwing away Kanes belonging. Based on the techniques that were shown in this scene you can tell what was important and what was not. This scene focuses on one technique which is a close-up shot. In this scene we are informed […]