• “Why did we do all of that work in the first place? Why train us, encourage us, make us produce all of that? If we’re just going to give donations anyways, then die, why all those lessons? Why all those books and discussions?” (259) I understand that the guardians of Hailsham wanted to help and […]

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    “The government rushed the trials. The lawyers indemnified the drug companies. Maybe it causes autism or narcolepsy or cancer 10 years from now. Who know? The swine flu vaccine killed people back in 1976. Nerve disease. So we’re all guinea pigs, starting from today. Just wait, they’ll start listing side effects like the credits at […]

  • “Just because it’s on the radio doesn’t mean we have to suspend belief in the evidence of our senses.” (23) Jack says this to his son when pointing out at the moment it is raining. For the most part we all trust our senses because we can see and feel rain. But Heinrich responds to […]

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    Before watching The Road directed by John Hillcoat,  I described On the Beach as haunting, horrifying and depressing. But I was mistaken because The Road truly depicts how haunting, horrifying, depressing and disgusting earth and humanity could be. Shute’s post apocalyptic novel in comparison to the movie is utopic. The people are calm, collected and nonviolent.  I think […]

  • On the Beach , a haunting, horrifying and depressing novel surrounding the inevitable death of all humanity because of radioactive poisoning. After reading through Shute’s novel I thought about the most common question, what would you do if your world would come to an end in a few months? Would you respond like the characters within the […]

  • After I finished watching The Thirteenth Floor and realized it was all set within different levels of simulations I thought of the beginning. Josef Rusnak opens the movie with the quote “I think, therefore I am”. This makes the viewer ask are these characters real. Is it their awareness, physical abilities, flesh, or just the idea that […]

  • In the other material that we covered I would have to say I was envious of characters experiencing the new aged technology.  Living through avatars, plugging in to cyberspace, and experiencing a different life. Ubik like the other materials introduced a new world. Some humans were able to read minds, predict the future and change the […]

  • Of course “The Social Network” revolves around Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and how he established it. But there are certain sections in the movie that show how intertwined humanity is in the Internet. One night while intoxicated Mark hacks the networks of several schools. He creates a site to rank girls called Facemash.com.  Within no more […]

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    Throughout the book I had faith in Winston. Maybe he would be the one that made a difference or informed the proles of possibilities. We see that he isn’t as rebellious as others because when arrested he observes other prisoners and thinks they are offensive. He points out the differences between Party prisoners and the […]

  • As I was thinking of what to write, I looked around other blogs. And I thought how could I make my blog as long as theirs or as good. Now that I put my thoughts to paper I feel that the greatness’s of our writing isn’t judged on the length or even clarity, even though […]

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    I think that the theme of silence is connected to Maxine because she probably had to silence herself when she disagreed with her parents or bite her tongue when being mistreated for being a girl. She had to silence her thoughts in order to be respectful to elders for example when her great uncle excludes […]

  • Generally I feel that Maxine’s mother is more at ease and in control of what is happening around her in the section Shaman. When she left for the dormitory school she was no longer bound to her in laws. Maxine writes that she was “free from families” for about two years. She was free from […]

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    I know Maxine says she isn’t different from a swordswoman but for some reason I keep on thinking about the differences instead of the similarities. Yes, she makes the claims but I didn’t feel they were so strong because she wasn’t as obedient as the swordswoman in the story. I think Maxine is a woman […]

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    I had really intended on actually going to sleep tonight, I mean I actually had all the lights off and I was in bed but unfortunately my minds still on. There’s something about tonight that makes me want to stay awake.  You can actually hear the faint sound of cars pass by on the highway […]

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    For this blog I’m going to keep it very short and sweet. Don’t get me wrong Obama is just dandy, and I’m not being sarcastic I just wanted to use the word dandy.  But pretty much every page I read I felt like he was writing a pity story. I can’t sympathies with him because […]

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    Three entries that stood out to me:

    Where is the love? -Caitlin Machicote            

    The Ending of Drown – Cindy Aguilar

    Drown – Stephanie Bonowicz

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    I like the fact that you also commented on “Boyfriend” because a lot of us manly focused on “How To Date A…”. Also after I read your blog I thought she’s right those stories are different because they didn’t have much to do with the other stories. In general I agree Daiz’s writing is different […]

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    I have to say I completely agree with you because throughout the novels there is a lack of affection. To an extent it’s depressing. I think that we search for the happy go lucky ending in novels even when everything is going downhill, we’re hoping for a cheerful ending.

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    The story that I liked the most was “How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie” because it’s a young boy that is trying to “get some” but he constantly mentions his mother because she will beat him if, of course she finds out his intentions for staying home and if he forgets to […]

  • I like the fact that you said Quentin thought time was tangible. I felt that he made time seem physical, as if he could actually battle against it.

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