• In thinking of “the male gaze” and representations of gender, I decided to analyze the infamous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. From the moment we first see Marion in the shower, the camera is the male gaze, objectifying and nearly raping her. She is naked in the shower, vulnerable and weak meanwhile still remaining sexualized. […]

  • ThumbnailI’d never seen Psycho or any Hitchcock movie for that matter, before watching it in class. I didn’t know anything about it other than there was an infamous death scene in the shower where a woman gets stabbed to death, and even that I’d never actually seen before. It was a truly unique experience watching it […]

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    I’m a huge psychological thriller fan and personally I don’t think the goal is to scare the audience so much as it is to force us to rethink things at the end after revealing the big twist of events. For me, these types of movies generate suspense rather than fear which is good since fear […]

  • I was glad I found that still, I think it’s such a brilliant makeshift dolly. It is great to see that there’s much more than just the budget that can make a good movie. I will definitely check out Bonjour Tristesse, that’s really exciting to hear about.

  • Thumbnail This movie has to be my favorite out of all the ones we’ve watched so far this semester. I have a few modern French movies that I’ve seen and enjoyed and I was really surprised with how modern  Breathless seemed considering it was released half a century ago. The costuming, styling and set all seemed relatively modern […]

  • Scene analysis: from Umberto D (dir. Vittorio de Sica, 1952) 16 shots from the scene on the street when Umberto attempts to overcome his pride by begging for money before running into his friend Shot 1 –       MS –       Camera is straight on and pans to follow Umberto walking Flike, stopping when they reach the […]

  • Thumbnail I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this movie (as seems to be the pattern in this class). I knew very little about film noir as a genre other than the intense amount of shadows but like other black and white films, I just assumed I wouldn’t enjoy it. In regards to the plot, the […]

  • Thumbnail There are a lot of interesting techniques used in the scene where Kane signs the papers of his surrender. First there is the size difference between the three actors – one is very close to the camera, the next further away and lastly there is Kane that is the furthest from the camera yet looks […]

  • Thumbnail I was surprised that I actually enjoyed this movie. It’s probably because I like romantic comedies and not gangster movies, but I liked this much more than I did The Public Enemy. I also had fun trying to spot biblical references while watching, though the snakes and the apple in the title sequence were fairly […]

  • Thumbnail I’d like to start this off by saying I am not a fan of old movies. As a general rule, I don’t enjoy watching movies that were made before the 90’s. I also don’t really like anything that has to do with gangsters and have never seen a gangster movie. So, with that said, I […]

  • ThumbnailThese are the photos I used in my interviews and survey:

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    You’re the one that copied me! Pffffft, how dare you?

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