• [Sorry these are late, I thought Mohamed was going to post them) 1. How would you define masculinity? 2. How would you define aesthetics of masculinity (Physical features, clothing, etc) 3. What emotions would you consider masculine? 4. What emotions would you consider to be effeminate? 5. What would make a man effeminate? 6. Do […]

  • What is the main goal/objective of the organization or group? In what ways do members try to achieve their goals? Indymedia strives to empower people to become the media by presenting honest, accurate, powerful independent reports. The goals vary between all the leaders of this organization but one vague long-term goal is to “foster and facilitate […]

  • Clarkson, Jay. “Everyday Joe” versus “Pissy, Bitchy, Queens” Gay Masculinity on StraightActing.com. The Journal of Men’s Studies, Vol 14(2), Spr 2006. Pp. 191-207 Phoenix, Ann; Frosh, Stephen; Pattman, Rob. Producing Contradictory Masculine Subject Positions: Narrative of Threat, Homophobia and bullying in 11-14 Year Old Boys. Journal of Social Issues , Vol 59(1), 2003. Special issue: Youth perspectives on violence […]

  • I agreed when Emmanuel David stated that due to the political nature of the graffiti, they would be quickly covered up, taken down or in any other way removed. I also agree that his taking pictures of the graffiti would help immortalize it and keep it from being forgotten in time.

  • I’m sure you won’t have much problem getting consent; as someone that has tattoos, I know I would personally be happy to let someone take pictures of them and use them for a project like this.

  • I think you will have a difficult time trying to get pictures of the hazing process considering they’re generally supposed to be secretive, I believe. Perhaps if you don’t use the name of the fraternity/sorority, you’ll be able to take and use pictures, that way it’ll keep the privacy.

  • For any pictures that we will show the people we interview, we will have to obtain pictures that we are allowed to use. Any pictures we take, we will put a creative commons license on. I do not anticipate taking any pictures on the people we interview so I don’t think we will have to […]

  • Hahahaha. Now you are indeed a cool guy. And hardcore. And it only cost you 99¢!

  • Thumbnail This is a picture of a study I used to write my paper on a few semesters ago that I used to come up with the basis of my idea for this project. The paper was for a psychology class so it focused more on the psychology of this issue, but we will be focusing […]

  • ThumbnailThese photos supplement my midterm exam.

    Harper’s BAZAAR Australia:

    Unretouched photo:


  • Thanks. Yeah, hopefully we’ll be able to find some pictures of gay men that aren’t stereotypically gay and use them as part of the photos we show during the interview

  • I like this idea. Will you be looking into what factors a person’s opinion on a particular stereotype (i.e.- whether they classify themselves in a similar way or an opposite way) or simply what the reactions to these stereotypes would be? Also, what do you think you might ask people about the stereotypes themselves?

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