• Epic failure… He didn’t die for the good of the nation or anything… I’m glad its over.

  • Dark-skinned references I wasn’t too sure about Amina sharing a seat in the taxi was a bit puzzling that particular scene. My edition page 99

  • His death could be seen as noble because he dies protecting what he believes in. May be foolish in someone else’s sight but he kind of resembled in some light.. Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart.

  • I’m not sure if I agree fully with Padma. Saleem seemed as if he were born to be a man on a mission. The fact that he was switched at birth was not a misfortune at all in his eyes, it was to his advantage that his luck had changed. Yes it may have been […]

  • Very detail oriented… I find that he provided a lot of necessary information of understanding his story. From the very introduction he did not want the reader to get lost. It appears as if he knows that some people in reading will get lost within the first couple pages, if not sections, if there is […]

  • I think Lola felt betrayed by her country because everyone (Dominican) she was exposed to was all for self… Everything was stereotypical. And it was a desperate cry to break apart from the stereotype.

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    I agree also. The relationship is definitely positive for Oscar. But I also think the approach should have been more holistic. But maybe he was just blinded by Lola and so he went only as far as he needed to get in good with her…

  • In doing some research on the quote I found that Junot Diaz picked that quote and used it as a question to the writer. What made this “nobody”, Oscar, so significant that a story had to be written about him? Oscar was virtually a “nobody” there was nothing so significant that determined his importance to […]

  • I definitely think the weirdest relationship s Prior and the angel. Considering that angels are messengers of God and that Prior being a homosexual isn’t an issue… strange…

  • The characters I was most interested in was Harper and Joe. Joe is trying to hide the fact that he is homosexual by marrying Harper. Harper, I believe, has an idea that he may be living an alternative lifestyle but doesn’t get confirmation until she meets with Prior and confirms everything she has ever felt. […]

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    I think Sethe had to let go of her past but she wouldn’t willingly do it so it had to be done by other means. Her past was getting in the way of her future and in a way, getting in the way of her present. Sethe became totally involved with Beloved that she neglected […]

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    I think she decide to tell this story this way because it’s actually helping the reader to keep things in mind as the story is moving along. The story cannot be as effective if the past is not recalled or recounted every now and again. It keeps the past alive while the present is still […]

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    The author in No Name Woman can be trusted because she wanted the reader to understand how things worked differently. She was able to compare and contrast the differing cultures and their viewpoints. To me it was an unbiased one. She expressed an appreciation for the little things her Aunt did, like grooming herself. That […]

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