• Haha, thanks! And yes I noticed the birds in her room, but I wanted to focus more on what was going on in the parlor and not digress. And will do! It was hard writing about Maddchen in Uniform b/c it was bad quality but I tried my best. I really enjoyed your class. Enjoy […]

  • Oh, I know what scene you’re talking about. I like your “hypothesis” and I totally agree; the tracking used by Siegel was symbolic in the sense that Dr. Bennell couldn’t escape the townspeople just like he couldn’t escape from the camera itself. I believe this was being portrayed. And one is able to feel the […]

  • Psycho is a 1960 psychological thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock and released by Paramount. It follows the story of a secretary, Marion Crane, played by Janet Leigh, who finds refuge in a motel after stealing money from her employer. The motel owner is Norman Bates, played by Anthony Perkins. The story follows the aftermath of Bates […]

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    Yes, I’m interested of how the whole movie works is put together. The way they dubbed the sound afterwards is something i would like to see…not only the bit that we saw but the whole movie!

  • I think that all thrillers owe it to M, including Psycho, Vertigo, and Birds just to name a few. M was a great tone setter for these classic film that followed later.

  • I agree with ohgee82. The dialogue DID too remind me of a Quentin Tarantino film where the characters have these dense conversations for a long period of time. If you don’t pay close attention, like you mentioned, you can’t help but get lost. I can see why La Jetee creeped you out. I found the […]

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    ThumbnailI didn’t see the whole movie, La Noire De… (1960) but from the little clip that we saw, I did enjoy it. For a low budget, there was a good cinematographer. I found it interesting how they had to dub a lot of the sound and that the main character spoke in internal monologue. I don’t […]

  • Now that you mention it, you do make a vital point!

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    Wow! I mentioned the same thing about the dress colors in that scene in my blog post too. I thought she was wearing black for pure evil. And yes, you’ve described the vivid colors in the film well. I LOVED the movie. My favorite scene was when she was dancing and her dad was going […]

  • Haha. I have to agree w/ you. The way he promoted the movie was very unique. Not in a bad way. I know if I was living when this movie was out in the theater…i’ll make sure to be there early. Which i usually am for movies to catch trailers. I love his sense of […]

  • ThumbnailLike anyone with a good sense of humor, I found it humorous in the way that Alfred Hitchcock promoted his film. The reel shown before the screening made me anticipate for the movie to start. It gave me a taste of the “black cream of Hitchcock’s humor.” Another thing I found interesting was how Hitchcock has […]

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    Haha. I’m not AS squeamish as you say you are, but I am to some extent. (I went to see 127 hours…I don’t reccommend it since you’re that squeamish) I found the shower scene very well presneted in the sense that it was in small dosages and there was a lot of cuts. I also […]

  • Haha, no I’m not familiar with her work. Do you recommend some other readings that I should look into? I’ll enjoy that very much.

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    Oh, haha. Yes, I think the color played an important role in this film. And when I learned how Sirk abused the technicolor system, I made sure to pay attention to that during the screening. I’m glad my blog post was able to make sense of the scene 🙂

  • ThumbnailI really enjoyed Written on the Wind. I don’t know if it had to do with the fact that it was our first color film. Actually, saying that it was in color would be some sort of an understatement. For those of you who were there for the screening  should of noticed how vivid the colors were. The […]

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    Ha, I agree with you when you mention how worried they were about marrying someone who had a child. When that was their biggest concern, the Brady Bunch popped into my head. I also found the scene where she accepts the proposal and then sees him kind of bizarre. I enjoyed this movie because it […]

  • The screening that I will analyze is “The Lady Eve,” starring Barbara Stanwyck as Jean Harrington, and Henry Fonda as Charles Pike. The film was directed by Preston Sturges and was released on March 21 st, 1941 by Paramount Studios. The movie follows a very typical and simplistic formula for romantic comedies – boy meets girl, […]

  • From Robert L. Carrigner’s piece, I learned on the relationship b/w Welles and Toland. Word was that Welles wanted to work with Toland. So instead, Toland reached  out to Welles. Toland was tired of working with directors who “knew it all”. He wanted something fresh, something different and working with an amateur was just what […]

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    Oh wow, this is one of my favorite screenings so far but I didn’t have my glasses the day of this screening so I wasn’t able to make up such vivid details like you did 🙁 I’m glad I came across your blog. I did notice how she scanned the room evaluating all the other […]

  • Oh I agree…that all the other media classes use this movie for many of the examples. The way Welles did the order of the movie, how you mentioned, with the flashbacks and mise-en-scene slightly reminded me on the way quentin tarantino does his films. I liked that the movie began with Kane on his death […]

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