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    your blog is really nice. It’s complete and detailed and well orgainzed. I think you’re on the right track on what you need to revise for your final project. Your blog is a guide for me to know what I need to improve on. Keep up the good work.

  • Dear Reader, This website represents a collection of course work that I have completed for English 170W. This website is an analysis of the short story, The Little Frenchman and His Water Lots by George Pope Morris. In order to create this website I underwent a series of close readings and theoretical techniques to interpret the […]

  • Step 1: Read the poem in entirety to understand its deeper meaning. The linear nature of the signifier requires  the reader to read complete statements to understand the concept. Step 2:Identify the signifier and signified of words in the poem. Analyze each word in the poem for its connotation, and all other mental thoughts that occur when analyzing […]

  • When rocks impregnable are not so stout, The new critics approach on the given interpretation of sonnet 65 goes as follows: The interpretation acknowledges the paradoxical idea  present in the poem that something as weak as beauty may survive earth’s elements and survive through time especially when Father time’s primary duty is to age and deminish all things. New critics […]

  • Digital Humanities Map Richter’s has identified literary theory into four major techniques which he defines as mimetic, rhetorical, expressive, or formal. Being that digital humanities is the intersection of digital technology and the humanities, I find it interesting where it will be classified under the aforementioned categories. The rhetorical approach emphasizes the relationship between the work […]

  • During today’s class, we created a wordle  or tag cloud of the words that composed our chosen short story. In the perspective of digital humanities, wordle is not a useful tool because it didn’t provided any more incite to the story.Instead it was just a collection of randomly chosen words, whose prominence didn’t reflect its […]

  • I am one to admit that I can appreciate a good romance but I apart of me doesn’t want to play into the stereotype of another sappy love story. I’m glad you decided to go with your personal preference and represent romance and fantasy.

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    I read this story in highschool but the details are a little fuzzy. I remember it was really interesting and it felt like a sick and twisted mystery. The way you present the story makes me want to change my comedy into a horror. keep up the good work !

  • I was thinking about  reading a short story about humor because an enjoyable comedy is a memorable comedy. It can be hard to forget a really funny joke. Also humor can have many layers especially in literature where an author can be limiteless in word play and ambiguities. A story that eloquently harnesses this aspect becomes extremely well known and […]

  • During Web Wednesday on September 14th, I found some difficulty keeping up with the class especially with the delay on twitter. I always felt left behind and  chasing the deadlines. When instructed to recreate one of the styles presented by Queneau in a timed setting, pressure was put on me to perform and it was challenging. […]