• I agree with what your saying sm09, but to compare Lady Gaga to David Bowie is not really in my opinion a great example, I however have different views on her. Not to sound arrogant lol, I am not saying your wrong and Im not arguing im right, but im not particularly fond of her […]

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    I enjoyed reading this blog. I however did not watch TRL,never cared for it since all they did was air the same videos repetitively. I grew up watching Mtv,VH1, and Headbangers ball which was a seperate music video program that aired on Mtv Saturday nights in the early to mid 90’s. It’s really all about […]

  • For Jay-Z I believe the main point he dresses in fancy, expensive clothing is to show off to loyal fans, what life is like and could be like for anyone who becomes successful. I would’t call it selling out or being a poser, if anything he is being true to himself and sending a message […]

  • Well nowadays we are living in a digital age. You can’t walk a block without someone cranking their ipods, or people texting on their phones. These technological advancements are great, but it is actually hurting people in the long run at least how I see it. I also feel these items have made the public […]

  • The article talks in depth how music has evolved and branched off into various directions, such as the clothing industry, sneaker ads, film industry. Music videos were one option to gain the attention of those who did not frequently visit the record store, after seeing a video of an artist performing a song or a […]

  • Indie Rock music is a genre founded by musicians who tend to want to break away from the “mainstream music” leading and creating their own genre. This music started underground, some bands to this date are still known for keeping a low key and staying out of the spotlight. Some particular Indie Rock bands don’t […]

  • Hip hop was more than just rappers rhyming beats and living in ghetto areas. The idea of hip hop is about breaking into tight knit crews, one finding his/hers identity, where does one individual fit in? It’s about individuals learning about the language on the street, and answering the question of where do they fit […]

  • Chapters 11 & 12 The emergence of Rock n Roll was created by the “electric guitar” which essentially continues to define the genre of rock to this day. Rock n Roll’s roots were based on a combination of “Rhythm and Blues”, traditionally an African American style of music, and “elements of country music” (228). The […]

  • The first innovation toward performing studio recording came in 1926 when several microphones were put to use at the Met in N.Y. The sound produced by this technique was clear and lifelike (285). However, a decade passed before the multi microphone technique was used by large recording studios. The purpose of finding a technique was […]

  • The band Nine Inch Nails is truly unique. None of the other bands that came on the music scene during the late 1980s was as innovative, or original as Nine Inch Nails. This band broke many barriers. Trent Reznor, the brain behind the band, is right up there with Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and […]

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    This song is one of the most beautiful, stunning songs ever written. The message that Lennon is trying to get across is to inspire people to treat each other with love and respect. The sad thing is when most people listen to the song they are embracing it, but once it’s over it goes in […]

  • This is a good analysis! I however associate this song with a different meaning. Every time I think of this song it brings me back to a time in my life when I was taking care of my grandmother while she was dying. Then again everyone will hear this song and hold a different memory.

  • The Smiths album “Meat Is Murder” is one of the most controversial/political albums. The album is political because Morrisey is an animal rights activist. Morrisey has a strong love and passion for animals, and he has, over the years, joined many animal rights campaigns. One of the tracks on the album is called “That Joke […]

  • Chapter 8 Empires of Sound It’s very intriguing how sound has affected the movie industry and helped shape it for years to come. Over the years sound has become an important source for filmmakers as to how to capture the feel of the movie and help set the mood and tone. Talking picture films were […]

  • I agree with Michael Allen when he mentioned that “the shot length of the CGI sequences, from the earlier The Abyss, to later Jurassic Park, have become longer because the CGI technologies has developed to support a longer time of display of the subjects, but not losing their realness. Therefore, the audiences could stare at […]

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    Kristen Whissel talks about how special effects make certain genre films fascinating and exciting. It is an important factor that plays in helping the actors get into their characters. When the actors walk onto sets it will help zone them into the performance. Special effects help build whatever world that needs to be created, it […]

  • Ryan wrote a new post, (no title), on the site DarkShadows 10 years, 6 months ago

    Lev Manovich talks about how technology has been improving and advancing over the years in cinema. The chapter explains how at times technology can trick people into believing that certain affects appear to come off as realism when it’s actually not. The detail is extraordinary that the makeup artists make on their creations. If the […]

  • I agree CGI is more enhanced. In my opinion in this day and age CGI is over utilized. The special effects lack the “Realism” that movies such as the classic remake of “King Kong” which starred Jeff Bridges(1976) had. Rick Baker helmed the project and although when it comes down to it, with all the […]

  • Ryan wrote a new post, Michael Allen, on the site DarkShadows 10 years, 6 months ago

    “The Impact Of Digital Technologies On Film Aesthetics” Michael Allen is a teacher in media studies who has a background in software development. He has designed programs for use in editing film clips. He writes about blockbuster movies and how technology has advanced, in addition to how they help shape the movies and make them […]

  •    The End Of Cinema chapter is about how technology has evolved in cinema and how it first made an effective impact on it and how it is shaping films today. Anne Friedberg explains how emerging digital technologies changed cinema for the better and for the worse. There has been such a huge breakthrough that digital technology […]

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